"Would you like some ethanol from my lab? Makes the worries go away, wonderful..."
— Dr. Slawter

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Dr. Slawter is the Biology teacher at Bullworth Academy in Bully.

Dr. Slawter
Dr. Slawter
Clique Faculty
Status Biology Teacher
Gender Male
Rival Mr. Harrington (Father of Derby Harrington)
Kissable No
Missions Weed Killer
Voice Actor Kurt Rhoads

Character Summary

Dr. Slawter

Dr. Slawter in the Biology classroom.

Dr. Slawter is a thin and slightly stooped old man. He is bald, and has age spots. He usually wears a white lab coat over a red sweater and white collared shirt, and has a 'mad scientist' appearance and personality.

Obsessed with death, Dr. Slawter enjoys doing taxidermy. He is slow and morbid, though when wandering around he takes on a very different personality, in which his voice is nasally and sharp. He often speaks ill of Derby Harrington and the other Preps, and complains of the academy's current state and the corruption that happens in it. He believes that social climbing is about connections rather than personal ability.

He takes pride in owning a rare venus fly trap named Crapula Maxima Fortisima, and is frustrated with the fact that Derby Harrington's father, Mr. Harrington, purchased one for Derby, which he apparently did in order to spite Dr. Slawter.

He gets along well with Dr. Watts.


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