"What are you doing in here?! Oh, right. Class..."
— Dr. Watts

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Dr. Watts is the Chemistry teacher at Bullworth Academy in Bully.

Dr. Watts
Dr. Watts
Clique Faculty
Status Chemistry Teacher
Gender Male
Kissable No
Missions Cook's Date
Discreet Deliveries
Voice Actor Jarel Davidow

Character Summary


Dr. Watts, in all his glory.

Dr. Watts has white, balding hair, and usually wears a lab coat over a white shirt, black bow tie, and black waistcoat. In the winter, he simply adds a pair of black gloves. He also wears black half-moon glasses.

Apparently, Dr. Watts has suffered brain damage after inhaling various chemical fumes over the years. He is prone to forgetting the names of both students and fellow faculty members, and on occasion forgets he is teaching a class and is startled when students begin filing into the classroom.

Aside from being his teaching subject, chemistry is also his hobby. Dr. Watts enjoys mixing chemicals in his spare time.

Edna has an unrequited crush on Dr. Watts, which he is unaware of. In Cook's Date, she sedates him and then carries him, half unconscious, into the nearby hotel.

In the Bully: Scholarship Edition mission Discreet Deliveries, Dr. Watts hires Jimmy to deliver a 'chemical compound' he invented to customers. Though the compound is hinted to be hallucinogenic drugs, it actually turns out to be a treatment for male pattern baldness.

He gets along well with Dr. Slawter.


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