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Dragon's Wing Comics is a store in Bullworth Town in Bully.

Dragons wing

Dragon's Wing Comics store.

Location Summary

The comic store is run by Zack Owens, who is geeky, asthmatic, and overweight. The store is accessible as soon as Chapter 2 starts, and the basement can be unlocked as a save location upon completion of Nerd Challenge. Itching powder, stink bombs, bottle rocket launchers, and marbles can be purchased from the store. G.I. Jeff action figures, comic books, and collector's toys are also for sale, though they cannot be purchased by the player.

West of the counter there is a table with a few chairs, and a chalkboard with various names and scores, suggesting a tournament, most likely for Grottos & Gremlins.

Dragons wing2

The exterior of Dragon's Wing.


Upon completion of Nerd Challenge, the basement can be used as a save location by Jimmy Hopkins. There are refills for weapons, and a ConSumo arcade game console.

In the bedroom portion of the basement there is a flat-screen desktop computer and a laptop on a table. Over the bed, Earnest has placed various posters depicting his plan to defeat the Jocks that later unfolds in Chapter 4. The basement also contains various Grottos & Gremlins boards, and in the floor there is an occult design.

Interestingly, Jimmy shares the basement with the Nerds as a save location. If he fights or bullies them, Zack will kick him out of the store.