This character has been abandoned.

The page is being retained for historical purposes.

Duane Phelps now, age 15

Duane Phelps is the longtime rival and enemy of Beckett Howell. Duane and Beckett have been rivals/enemies since they were both in Kindergarten. On that fateful day they became lifelong rivals, Duane had "borrowed" Beckett's colored pencils and he refused to give them back. He pushed Beckett when the latter tried to get the teacher to help retrieve the pencils and the boys got into a brief but intense fight in which Duane poked Beckett in the eye and kicked him and Beckett bit Duane and pushed him off the playground. Neither was seriously injured but Beckett was forced to spend the rest of the day in the Principal's office while Duane got to go to the barbeque the school was having for lunch. Ever since then the boys have had a history of revenge and rivalry.

Despite the fact Beckett often got in trouble, he grew up to be a good kid while the rarely busted Duane grew up to be bad. Duane makes fun of anyone he can and he is a merciless bully, holding a personal vendetta against Beckett and any of his allies. Duane bullies anyone he can sense a weakness about. He also deludes people into betraying their friends so he can "overcome" them much easier. Duane has few true friends, those who are his true friends are either not seen around him or they are helping him. Despite the fact Beckett is not a member of a clique, he and Duane become hostile towards each other on sight.