"Let's go then, tough guy, right here, RIGHT NOW!"
— Duncan

Duncan Haynes is an Original Character created by SodaCat.

Duncan Haynes
Duncan Headshot SodaCat
Duncan Haynes
Birthday February 19th, 1989
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Dark brown, green tips
Height 6'4"
Weight 176lbs
Clique Punks
Gender Male
Creator SodaCat

Character Summary

Quick to fight and generally violent, Duncan stands at a broad 6 feet and 4 inches. He has brown eyes and dark brown hair styled into a fauxhawk, with the tips dyed neon green. The skin around his eyes is darkened, most likely due to lack of sleep.

Rather than wearing his uniform, Duncan instead wears dark gray jeans, a navy blue T-shirt, and a spiked choker. He also wears a simple silver ring around his neck on a black string. In the winter, he wears a navy blue sweatshirt over his regular clothes.

He has black tattoos on his torso, left arm, and right leg.

For Halloween, he wears a very elaborate zombie costume and is later given detention for it for having scared the younger students.

His appearance is based off Duncan from the Total Drama series.


Duncan is angry and violent, even more-so than his fellow cliquemates. He is immediately violent and threatening when even slightly provoked. He is quick to assume the worst in people and is widely disliked because of his meanspirited nature.

Music wise, Duncan prefers the heavier levels of punk, even ranging into heavy metal. His favorite bands include the Misfits, Rage Against the Machine, and Avenged Sevenfold. Duncan enjoys heavier and more violent concert crowds.

He is big on anarchy and fighting the 'system', as well as fighting in general. His aggressive-nature is often commented on by the school faculty, as well as some townsfolk.

Duncan clashes often with his clique leader on their beliefs; Duncan believes that the Punks should be a more feared clique, whilst Jason cares purely for the clique's attitude towards the music genre they are named for. However, Duncan is often quieted down by Jason, as contrary to his belief, he is no real threat to him.

Home Life

Born in Carcer City, Duncan's parents were killed by one of the city's many gangs when Duncan was merely 10 years old. He was almost immediately taken in by Innocentz member Adam, under the impression that Adam would be his new "adopted older brother". Taking advantage of Duncan's innocent appearance and naive nature, however, the Innocentz begin to use him as a drug mule.

After the majority of the gang is taken out by James Earl Cash whilst Duncan is on a drug run, he returns to the Carcer Chem Factory to find it riddled with the bodies of the members. 13 years old at this point, Duncan ransacks the bodies for cash which he hides in his underwear. Soon after, Duncan is found by a police officer and sent off to Liberty City to live in a group home in Bohan.

He is later sent to Bullworth Academy once his parents' will is discovered. He uses the entirety of the money collected from the gang members to pay off part of the tuition, whilst the rest is paid through his parent's inheritance.

Unbeknownst to his clique leader, Duncan becomes employed by Mr. Burton to sell steroids to students at the academy.


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