"I've only been victimized six times today. So far so good!"
— Earnest Jones
Earnest Quote

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Earnest Jones is the leader of the Nerds clique in Bully.

Earnest Jones
Clique Nerds
Status Clique Leader
Gender Male
Kissable No
Missions The Candidate
Wrong Part of Town
Defender of the Castle
Nerd Boss Fight
Complete Mayhem
Voice Actor Jesse Tendler

Character Summary


Earnest playing Grottos & Gremlins with Algie.

Earnest is the leader of the nerds at Bullworth Academy. He has light brown hair that is combed to the left and brown eyes. Earnest usually wears the same Astronomy club vest all the nerds wear, along with brown school slacks and brown loafers. He wears half moon glasses, like Donald, and on his left wrist a brown leather watch. In the winter, Earnest wears an Astronomy club sweater, along with a short purple and white striped scarf. In Complete Mayhem, when found in the gym, Earnest sports a red headband and military jacket over a red and white t-shirt, gray trousers, and brown boots.

Earnest is described as ruling his clique with "an iron fist". While an intelligent, stern, and capable leader, his hormones often override his better judgement. He has a fascination with dirty magazines, even sending Jimmy to take illicit photographs of Mandy. He is very cowardly and often chooses to fight from out of reach of his opponent. He wishes for the nerds to higher on the social hierarchy at the school and wants revenge against the jocks for bullying the nerds.

According to his student body president speech, he disapproves of non-academic programs in the school. He often refers to his allies and friends as "compadres" and "amigos". He can often be heard in a monologue of what he will do when he is in charge.


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