While wandering around

  • It's a good plan. It simply cannot fail.
  • I have to get my magazines back from Algie.
  • I've only been victimized 6 times today. So far, so good.
  • Nobody appreciates my genius.
  • One day, they'll all be sorry.
  • I wish I had more homework.

Hit by friendly fire

  • Don't be such a cretin!
  • Imbecile, don't hit me!
  • Are you stupid or something?
  • Why are you hitting me?
  • Quit being a dimwit. Would you?

Before Attacking

  • I've had enough!
  • You're going to pay!
  • This will not stand!
  • Oh, now you're gonna get it!


  • You're such a bully.
  • This is just the beginning!
  • You're gonna be so sorry!
  • I'll show you!
  • Unhand my compadre!

Watching a fight

  • Look at those brutes go.
  • I hope they kill each other!

Out of breath

  • heave* I should have gone to gym class.

Hit with a stink bomb

  • What compound is that?
  • I think I made that. Ironic, Isn't it?

Losing a fight

  • Victimized...again.
  • I'll...get...revenge.
  • One day you'll be sorry.
  • I'll get you for this.
  • How humiliating...
  • I won't forget this...


  • Hahaha. Imbecile. Haha.

All Quotes

During missions and others

  • Welcome.
  • I won't mince words, my friends. This school needs help.
  • My help.
  • How many of you out there feel abused by society? Let down by the establishment?
  • Brutalized?
  • I feel your pain, my children.
  • Do not despair- salvation is here, my friends.
  • By choosing me as your leader-
  • we will usher in a new era of education.
  • Abusive Prefects - GONE !
  • Lackluster teaching - GONE!
  • Physical Education - GONE !
  • Bullworth will be the model for a pure academic curriculum.
  • Money no longer wasted on silly musicals or crafts.
  • My opponent would have you believe.
  • That sports are more meaningful for your future.
  • Than decent textbooks and competent teachers!
  • What have sports done for you, except-
  • Cause pain and misery!
  • While my opponent may also be more popular.
  • good-looking and muscular.
  • And have the attention of the school bimbos.
  • (Gulp)
  • He just doesn't have what it takes to be President!
  • There are some who claim I don't represent the masses.
  • Let me tell you.
  • I've been beat up just as much as you.
  • It's time for change for the better.
  • A vote for Earnest means a vote for.
  • The triumph of brains over brawn!
  • Let me repeat.
  • In closing, remember a vote for E.
  • ...means a vote for me.
  • Thank you everyone, good night.
  • Ouch! That's just not right!
  • Hey! Stop it!
  • Owwww!
  • Ouch! This is intolerable.
  • Ow! Why is this happening?

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