"What do I care about some stupid health inspector?"
— Edna

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Edna is the cook at Bullworth Academy in Bully.

Clique Faculty
Status Cook
Gender Female
Affiliations Dr. Watts
Kissable No
Missions Last Minute Shopping
Cook's Crush
Cook's Date
Voice Actor Kathryn Rossetter

Character Summary

Edna 2

Edna in the kitchen.

Edna is overweight and has thick brown hair that is kept in a hairnet. She is considered unattractive by the majority of the students and appears to be around fifty years old. She usually wears a white, stained cooking apron over a dirty white blouse and skirt. In the winter, she wears a red cardigan over her usual outfit.

Edna 2

Edna cooking.

Infamous for her lack of hygiene, Edna often spits, coughs, blows cigarette smoke, and sneezes into the food she cooks. She claims it 'adds flavor'. Additionally, in the mission Last Minute Shopping, it is revealed she is not beyond using expired meat as there are 'no picky eaters at Bullworth'. The students generally dislike her, as they freely attempt to ruin her date with Dr. Watts. On Halloween, Troy Miller is seen making fun of her by wearing a mask of her face. According to Sheldon Thompson, she has seven children who are studying at Bullworth. Edna, in turn, often refers to the students as 'punks'.

Unlike the other female faculty at the school, Edna uses the same busting technique that the male faculty members use.


Edna talking to Jimmy in the kitchen.

She has a rather one-sided crush on Dr. Watts, Bullworth's Chemistry teacher. This is revealed in Cook's Crush. She sends Jimmy to get her sedatives so that she can drug Dr. Watts on their date. In Cook's Date, she hires Jimmy to protect her date from being ruined by the students. She places the sedatives in Dr. Watts' coffee, and at the end of the mission, she is seen carrying a drugged Dr. Watts into the nearby hotel.

She cheers for Jimmy at the end of Final Showdown.

Hal Esposito has a crush on her.


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