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This character has been abandoned.

The page is being retained for historical purposes.
Eli Creed

Full Name:

Eli Howard Creed




Blue Skies, Bullworth








Henry (Townie)


Professor Pineapple made me write him and I needed an account. This doesn't mean I like you guys or anything. I'm still going to be an anon.

The templates on this wiki suck everythings so complicated #hate

Eli's a little shit that's all you need to know.


Hair: Dark Brown. It's short, spiked up in the front.

That's his hairstyle.

Eyes: Brown. He has big eyes, almost a puppy look about him, which he hates.

Body: He's lanky, awkward looking with a bit of muscle on his arms. No tattoos or piercing or anything, but he plans to get some eventually.

He has the Irish look.


Henry was born 5 years before him. His father was thrown in prison for murder and their mother was left with a toddler. In comes Eli's father, a worker for Spencer Shipping. There was a knee-trembler in a back-alley on a cold winter's evening.

A knee-trembler is the act itself done up against a wall, man and woman up on their toes, straining so hard their knees tremble with the excitement that's in it.

At three months pregnant she went to Eli's father, telling him she was with child. He accepted his fate. A week later she went to see him and she was told he quit. Eli never met his father.

It didn't affect him. He grew up happy, in mischief, but happy non-the-less. He had a brief glimps of a father figure for three years, his mother had a new boyfriend. Within a year she was pregnant. When little Mason was two and Eli was nine, the man left. Henry hadn't liked him from day one and to have a man tell him what to do, it made him angry and often lashed out at him. It got to be too much for him. Eli was saddened by the loss of him. Now a single mother with three boys to raise, they gathered what money they could and shipped Henry to Bullworth with hopes of positive results from the school.

A long string of his mother's boyfriends, some good, some bad, who went in and out of Eli's life. A few in particular had an abusive side to them and Eli felt the wrath of a full-grown fist smashing him in the nose at the young age of eleven. He was quickly disposed of, but there were a few over the years who would do the same to Eli. He didn't allow it to affect him. The one time when he was thirteen and one struck Mason, Eli ran to Edgar. He, Otto, and Gurney made sure he knew what they thought of hitting a seven year old. Henry had been out of school for a year at that point.

Since Eli grew up in Blue Skies, he was friendly with the townies, the ones who lived there and the ones who

Him at like 13.

dropped out. He met most through Henry. Some allowed him to drink, others like Duncan and Edgar wouldn't let him. Some allowed him to try weed, and some would scowl at him if he mentioned it. Since he looked up to Edgar and Duncan more, he tended to stray from alcohol and weed, although he is guilty of drabbling once in awhile.

Arrested three times within six months led to Eli's mother deciding to send Eli to Bullworth. It didn't have good results for Henry, but perhaps it could for Eli.


Picture the type of kid who thinks he's so cool because he grew up with the rougher side of life. Got that picture? Okay, dumb him down and kick him in the face a few times and you got Eli.

He does picture himself cool. He spends far too long on his dress and attitude sending out a certain message of "I hate you and everyone like you, look at me I'm so cool" type of shit, even if he can't back it up. He wears torn up clothes, usually too big too, because he feels they make him look cooler and more like a thug. He keeps up this attitude in Bullworth, even if his uniform doesn't allow him to express through dress. Usually it ends up with him getting a punch in the face, which he can't fight back because he's a little bich and he's only trying to look like a thug. He's not really.

9686732 ori

Also at like 13. (Ciaran Owens)

Eli is also very impressionable. Like, obnoxiously impressionable. Whatever he sees as positives that come out of a certain way of acting, he'll do the same thing. This is usually regards to his friends in Blue Skies, but not specifically them. If he sees, say, a Jock acting a certain way and he sees them get a girl to like them, he'd pick up on it and try it himself. He won't always have the same result, though, and normally it ends up with a red mark on his cheek or a split lip. 

Despite the fact that he's a townie and finds himself to be oh so cool, he's a pushover. He doesn't realize this. He's easy to give in to even the students at Bullworth if they just poke and prod at his patience for a little bit and he'll easily bend to their bidding. He can also be coaxed into taking the blame for things, whether with free things or the threat of a beating. Either way he'll sigh and mutter an okay. This can be troublesome, as whenever someone wants information out of him (prefect, fellow student, etc.) they just have to shake him a bit and he'll spit out everything he knows. Unlike a certain Stevie Stapleton, Eli is unable to lie his way out of trouble, or really lie in general. He sucks at it, which makes everything worse.

So now we know he's a "too cool for you", young and impressionable teenager who goes out of his way to seem like a thug. He also can't lie. What else could one do to make him even more of a complete loser?

He fucking loves comic books.

He ducks in and out of the Comic Book store when he has cash, with some new comics and a stupid grin on his face. At Bullworth he can even sometimes be found conversing with the Nerds about comics, eventough he declared each and every one of them losers. Rather intensely, too. This often ends with him face fist in a trash can. So in school he changed his tatics to picking on the Nerds, and out side of school he sometimes even attends their Dungeon and Dragons meetings. Neither consider the other a friend, though. For Eli they're an easy source of swindling money out of, the Nerds to make them feel a little bit cooler than they are. However one wrong move from Eli and he can be public enemy number one. He is not aware of this.

He also says "yo" far too much. Picture Jesse from Breaking Bad type of "far too much".


Summer Uniform: Short sleeved dress shirt (tucked in), tan slacks, white sneakers, blue school vest. 

Summer Casual: Old jeans that were once Henry's or just shorts (past knee), too-big shirt with sleeves cut off (or just a tank top (usually torn)), a pair of sneakers. Fuck socks. 

Winter Uniform: The only time he'll wear correctly fitting jeans (but they'll be bleached stained and have rips in them). Tan work boots that have seen better days, long sleeved dress shirt (tucked in), big ol' blue sweater vest (it's too big) 

Winter Casual: The only time he'll wear correctly fitting jeans (but they'll be bleached stained and have rips in them). [2]. Tan work boots that have seen better days, different kinds of shirts (short sleeved, too big. Long sleeved, really thin. Long sleeved, too big + short sleeved, too big. Usually crappy), 2 jackets (grey hoodie + ugly green, thin jacket) 


Goals: (Can I get back to you on that? kthx)

Fears: Deep water (like anything past his waist = no go), Rich Folk, "loser" things like reading (but he reads comic

Him as a kid. (Joe Breen)

books) ((Oh god he's one of them))

Hobbies: Comic Book hunting, Watching Television and shitty TV shows, Shooting things with guns, doing typical townie shit like graffiti and the likes, etc. Making "Your Mom" jokes.

Beliefs: Catholic (???)

Passions: [See: Goals]



The Townies: He grew up with most of these guys, he considers them all good friends and people he can look up to, with the exception of two. Most of them look at him as an annoying younger brother, since he's younger than all of them, but it doesn't change the fact that Eli looks up to each of them as an older brother-type figure. 

Duncan: He's the one that got Eli into Comic Books, and they've bonded over them for years. Eli considers Duncan to be his best friend, but feels that isn't returned. 

Edgar: He's the main "good big brother" figure, as he's one of the most level headed townies. Edgar's the one making sure Eli doesn't drop out. 


Bullworth Students: Yes, he's one of those "I hate every one of you" students. He has an ill attitude towards everyone at Bullworth and he considers every one of them to be a little bitch (irony). He doesn't jump up to fight each and every one of them, though, he's not that stupid. 

David White: Made Duncan drop out, public enemy number 1, fuck this guy with a flag pole. 


Mrs. Phillips: Obviously. 

Pinky Gauthier: She's adorable, no one can even deny it. Her personality might have some errors but Eli isn't all that picky when it comes to cute chicks with nice bodies. 

Christy: He heard she gives out blowjobs, so it's basically all on the hope of getting a blowjob. 


Walking Around

  • "I really gotta piss."
  • "Does that look mean she wants to bang me? I think it does."
  • "Gonna get that new Spider-Man comic today!!"
  • "I need to wash this shirt..."

Conversing with Other Students

  • "But why?!"
  • "I know, man, I know, like, fucking-- the movie sucks compared to the comic. I just-- ugh, fuckin' can't deal with it."
  • "No, no, y'see, his original name is James, Logan's just, like, his new name."
  • "I mean yea I guess so..."


Good Terms

  • "Yo, man, wazzup?"
  • "Hi."
  • "Yo bruddah how you been?"

Bad Terms

  • "Who are you even?"
  • "You smell like Edna, yo."
  • "Yea um bye."

Saying Goodbye

Good Terms

  • "See'ya, man!"
  • "Yo, catch ya later, y'dig?"
  • "Uh yea bye dude."

Bad Terms

  • "Yo literally shut the fuck up."
  • "Shutup, goodbye."
  • "Can you just like go?"

When Flirted With

Good Terms

  • "U-uh...haha *nervous laughter*"
  • "Yo..."
  • "I mean if you really wanna I don't got no complaints..."

Bad Terms

  • "*laughter*"
  • "Do you really think I'm that desperate?"
  • "Haha-- no, never."

Watching a Fight

  • "Yo, that's it!!"
  • "Fuckin' ow dude!!"


  • "Get your pussy ass back here!"
  • "Fuckin' really?!"

While Fighting

  • "Ah fuck this was a bad idea."
  • "SHIT."
  • "*shriek of terror*"


  • "Cry, bitch, cry!"
  • "You're a fuckin' loser, y'know that? A'course you do."
  • "You should be honored."

Chasing Someone

  • "YO!"
  • "I jus' wanna have a lil chat!"
  • "You fuckin' suck, yo."

Out of Breath

  • "Fuck... you..."
  • "My legs are jelly."
  • "*hacking violently*"

Kneed in the Groin


Knocked Out

  • "Bang..."


  • He's a little bitch.
  • He's also a little shit.
  • I really fucking hate him, he's such an annoying little prick.
  • He's for a drabble thing. Ages and other thing won't match up exactly. He's 13 when Jimmy's 15 so.
  • He can't swim.
  • He fucking loves bears.
  • He curses excessively.
Later he was removed on Bullworth Fanon, which is his blazing moment of glory and fame. God bless America.

The ACTUAL Eli Creed, drawn by a girl who goes by the name "Terry".

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