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Not to be confused with Talia Von Webber, an OC that is in the same clique as Elsa.

"I swear, Talia Von Webber and I used to be best friends!"
— Elsa

Elsa Von Dietrich is a fourth generation Original Character created by Westside JDM.

Elsa Von Dietrich
Elsa Von Dietrich
Birthday July 16, 1991
Eye Color United Gray
Hair Color Phantom Black
Height 5'6
Grade Sophomore
Clique Preps
Status Follower
Gender Female
Hometown Stuggart, Germany
Nationality German
Creator Westside JDM


She stands at a height of 5'6. She has Phantom black hair with bangs that fall over her forehead almost covering her united gray eyes, She also has dimples. The dimples bring out her facial features more, giving her a somewhat older look when she smiles.

Uniform wise, She wears an Aquaberry vest over a Bullworth Academy uniform, and an Aquaberry skirt, with black Marry Janes, and white knee socks.

In the winter, she simply exchanges the knee socks for white tights and gloves.

For Halloween, she dresses as a fallen angel.


She has an unrequited crush on her friend's cousin. Little does she know that he's actually looking for a girl much like him, and she may be the one. Whenever she sees him, she gets really quiet, but when he talks to her, she gets her hopes up, hoping she'll ask her out.

She however claims to know the Von Webbers personally, despite they were born in different cities, she still claims to know her through German Nobility, due to them both being born from families that are part of the German Nobility system.

She also has an unpredictable mood swing pattern. One minute, she's as happy as a clam, and the next minute, she's depressed and dark.

She's not very bright either, and lacks common sense in about anything, and she can't take a joke very well either, especially if somebody's teasing her.

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