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"I love buying things, like what's wrong with having a summer home on a private island?"

Emily Hawthorn
Emily Yearbook
Birthday June 29 1989
Aliases None
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Height 5'4
Weight 100lb
Clique Preppies
Status Follower
Gender Female
Family Dan Hawthorn

Jamie Hawthorn

Thomas Hawthorn

Rival Kelsey Glenn, Greasers
Affiliations Preppies
Kissable Yes
Creator lilww3

Character Description

Emily has blue eyes and blond hair which is held up with a headband. She wears the usual preps outfit with her own alterations like several pieces of jewelry and knee high socks and black flats.


Emily was pampered and taken care of her whole life, she was born and raised in Algonquin, Liberty City, she has a very peppy attitude yet can be vindictive and cruel to her fellow students, considering poorer students "peasants". Her parents donate money to the school regularly but is used on the preps' needs instead of the overall student body needs.

She wants to be on the cheer squad but her current rivalry with Kelsey Glenn prevents this from happening.

Home Life/Background

Born and raised in Algonquin, Liberty City, Emily was given a lot of love and affection by her parents and her older brother Thomas, her parents sent her to Bullworth Academy when they moved into a mansion in Old Bullworth Vale. She immediately went with the preppies and her attitude towards the other students changed as well.

Clothing Wardrobe



Character Sheet


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