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English is one of the classes available at Bullworth Academy in Bully.


Beatrice Trudeau entering the English classroom as Mr. Galloway awaits the start of class.

Class Summary

English is taught by Mr. Galloway, and consists of the player spelling various words from six given letters.

Jimmy Hopkins takes English in the afternoons, as his second class of the week. He shares the class with Beatrice Trudeau, Sheldon Thompson, and Bryce Montrose. Each class rewards the player with a new upgraded form of socialization, usually in apologies or taunts.

The class itself appears to be similar to the game play; students are given six letters and are told to find as many words that are spelled with the six letters as they can in the given time.


Class Letters Provided Words Reward
English 1 W E M O L L Elm Low Mew Mow Owe Owl Woe Meow Mewl Mole Moll Well Mellow Apologies to bullies more effective
English 2 F G H I S T Fig Fit His Hit Ifs Its Sit Figs Fish Fist Fits Gift Gist Hits Sift Sigh This Fight Gifts Shift Sight Fights Improved Shove Taunts
English 3 E I L M S S Elm Lei Lie Mil Elms Isle Lime Less Leis Lies Mess Mile Mise Miss Semi Slim Isles Limes Miles Seism Slime Slims Smile Slimes Smiles Apologies to Prefects for Minor Crimes
English 4 A C N O R Y Any Arc Can Car Cay Con Coy Cry Nay Nor Oar Ran Ray Rya Yon Cony Corn Cran Cyan Narc Nary Orca Racy Roan Yarn Acorn Carny Corny Crony Rayon Crayon Improved Taunts
English 5 A D E G G R Age Are Dag Ear Egg Era Erg Gad Gag Gar Rad Rag Red Aged Dare Dear Drag Dreg Egad Gage Gear Grad Rage Read Agger Gager Grade Raged Dagger Ragged Apologies to Police for Minor Crimes


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