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"Fuck the fucking system." -Erick Boucher. Erick is a member of the Grunge Kids, despite limited affiliations he is relied on for the muscle to protect the group.

Erick's physical inspiration, Henry Rollins from Black Flag.


Erick is aggressive and to a degree violently loyal to those he considers allies. If someone gets on his bad side he will beat them up. He speaks with a deep, raspy, almost condescending tone. He had a rough childhood and became a self proclaimed Anarchist. He opposes authority and will fight them to the end. He also hates Patriotism and to a degree has disdain for the military, citing them as "idiot dough boys dying for the Government." He also has esteemed hatred for the Jocks and the Preps. As well as the Prefects. He is loud and brash, willing to fight anyone.

He prefers the more Hardcore Punk as opposed to Grunge, and Pop Punk that the rest of his clique prefers. Music acts such as Agnostic Front, Black Flag, and The Casualties are his more beloved bands.


Erick is 5'9", and weighs 187 pounds. He has a very stocky build and is rather well muscled. He does not wear 

Erick Boucher

A picture of Erick made on Gaia, by Westside JDM

the school uniform, instead choosing a sleeveless 'Anarchy shirt, showcasing his broad muscles, he wears black cargo pants, and military style black laced up boots. When not in school he wears a black shirt with a large 'A' on the front, indicating Anarchy. He has tattoos littering his arms. He also has a nearly shaved head, though has dyed it red. He is of German descent. 


Erick grew up in New Coventry, growing up in dark alleys. He fought Greasers and Townies much of his young life. His parents were long dead when he was growing up and so he grew up alone. When he saved Gregory Todd from a couple of Townies the two then grew close and have had a love-hate relationship. Though they share beliefs their ways of practicing their beliefs had kept them mostly at odds. Though a member of the Grunge Kids he has nearly been ousted on occasions.

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