"Everyday I wake up and wonder.... I should've took the last slice of pizza"

— Erin Foley

Character Descripton

Erin Foley
Erin Yearbook
Birthday June 2 1990
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brownish Red
Height 5'7
Weight 123 lb
Clique Bullies
Status Follower
Gender Male
Creator Lilww3

Wears the basic Bullies outfit. has brownish red hair with a shaggy hair cut with brown eyes.


Erin is a very calm person and focuses mainly on the little things in life, he spends his time at Bullworth trying to mind his own business and staying outta of the superior cliques way, but he isn't scared to throw down when necessary. He tends to say dude or man very often and supervises dude with dudette for the female students.

Home life/Background/Etc

Born and raised in Bullworth, he spent most of his life with his mother while his dad worked at a factory in Blue Skies. Erin grew up with his best friend Elise who now attends Bullworth but now they're on less friendly terms due to an incident that happened the Christmas before they had to attend Bullworth.



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