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Calling for Help

  • Hey guys come help me out!
  • Dudes come help me!

Bumped Into

Friendly Terms

  • Oh man, my bad.
  • Shaa sorry dude.
  • My mistake man.

Unfriendly Terms

  • Watch it dude.
  • Get outta my way kid!
  • I'm trying to walk here!
  • Would you move it!
By Townie/Dropout
  • Get lost Dropout!
By Jimmy when Respect is Low
  • Why are you still here, loser!
By Greaser
  • Don't you have somewhere else to be greaseball?
By Nerd
  • Move it Momma's Boy!
By Prep
  • Watch it rich kid.

Hit by Vehicle

  • Whoa!
  • Learn how to drive damn it!
  • Get off the road with that driving!

Saying Goodbye

  • Adios Amigo.
  • Catch ya on the flipside homeboy.

Bike Related

  • I think I should just walk..
  • Damn it!

Seeing Bike Trick

  • Dude that's totally awesome!
  • Do another one!

Reacting to Failed Bike Trick

  • Look at that loser!
  • Hahahaa, what a lame-o

Stealing Bike

  • Thanks for the bike sucker!
  • Get off it!

Bike Stolen From

  • Hey! Give that back!
  • What the hell!


  • I wish they had more rides.
  • This is so much fun.


  • You're in for it bro!
  • Stop running and fight man!

Escaped From

  • Very funny! Now come out!
  • Stop hiding and fight me!

Out of Breath

  • H-hold up (wheezing)

Wandering Around/Chatter

  • Everyone around here is so pent up, they should like chiiiiillll~
  • Pssh, that hobo behind the old bus is craaaazy.
  • Hattrick can learn from Galloway.
  • I can really go for some food right now.
  • Trent was talking to me earlier and I zoned out.
  • ....I miss Elise....
  • The atmosphere this school has is horrible


  • That's not fair, dude!
  • Aw come on are you serious man!


  • Is that supposed to happen?


  • Awesome dude!
  • 'Gradulations!


Dodgeball Related



Don't Hit



Fire Alarm


Food Fight

Giving a Gift

Given a Gift To

Demanding Cash


Surprised to Receive Help




  • Ahahahahaaa!
  • Haahaaaaahaa Classic!



Hit by Dead Rat

  • What is your deal dude!
  • A rat! A freakin rat!

Helping Friend/Cliquemate


Hit by Stink Bomb


  • There's like a problem going on.
  • Mr. Prefect dude, something's happening ov

Lead the Way



  • Arrrrgh! That's not fair!

What's That?

  • Oh dang, what's that!
  • Holy crap what'

When TV is Shut Off

  • What's your deal?
  • I was watching that!

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