Walking around

  • Y'know, why does everyone make fun of ninjas? It's a sad place where people don't believe in ninjas.
  • ...then I'll roundhouse kick the ball and it'll throw the rock off the edge into the bucket!
  • ...first the Crane, then the Snake, then Rhino -- nonono, wait! Frog then Rhino!


  • It's so cool how Russell wanted to make me his new defense minster! Well, I'm not asking him but I'm gonna do it anyway.
  • Last night, I dreamed I took out a whole army with my new Frog Style! I made it up, but I was a warrior, man!
  • Man, this school needs a mixed martial arts team! I could lead them, we could compete! Aw, it'd be great!
  • I'm getting really mad at the teachers! They say Kung Fu is not a valid physical education activity!
  • That new guy smoked those preps. He's gotta have some serious training.

When the fire alarm goes off

  • Holy crap! A fire! A fire!


  • Do you know how many styles I know? I can crush you, man!
  • I'll bust you up so badly, your mom won't even recognise you!

Shoving taunts

  • You're really making me angry okay!

Physical Bullying

  • I think you'll remember now not play games with me!


  • Ready to go to sleep? I hope so for your sake!
  • Now you gonna feel the wrath of my tiger!
  • You can do your best, but I will defeat you!
  • You FORCED me to do this, and you will regret it!

When fighting

  • Oh, you like that crane? Ha! It was a tiger, not a crane!
  • I can sense your scared, wise choice!
  • C'mon now, don't be scared!

When hireable

  • I'm like a ronin! I'm ready to fight, if the price is right!

When swirlied

  • They don't teach you about this in the dojo.

Taken down and spit on

  • That's unacceptable.

When knocked out

  • Ninja... rebirth! Ninja... rebirth...!
  • Noo...not acceptable...
  • This is all...a part of my plan...
  • I...can take it...
  • Doesn't...hurt me at all...
  • Ugh!...Got...anymore...?


During missions and others

  • That's what I'm talking about.
  • I'm sooo gonna have a dream about her tonight I just know it.
  • Man I just LOVE cheerleaders.
  • Is that... is that Mandy?
  • I'll stick around. You could use the muscles.
  • Hey I love a good fight. I'm here for a long haul pal.

ALLY About to Leave

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