When conversing with other students

  • Well it's no mystery, I am overweight!
  • There's no place for bigger girls in this world!
  • Ever been kicked out of an all-you-can-eat buffet?
  • Oh my God, some of them teachers are so damn thin!
  • I lost three pounds last year. This year (giggles) at least seven.

When wandering around campus

  • Maybe I should do sports or something!
  • When I get out of here things are going to be different, I know it!
  • I wonder if I can skip this year!
  • I'm sure this year will be better than last, I hope.
  • He's so DREAMMYYYY.
  • Hmm my legs hurt.

When the fire alarm goes off

  • AAAAAAHH, fire! AAH, fire, fire!

When she sees Jimmy and she likes him

  • Look who it is, my main squeeze!
  • HI Jimmy!
  • Hey you I really liked your outfit
  • Hey nice pants
  • Hey did you hear..oh crap I forgot about something see ya!

After she has kissed Jimmy

  • I'll remember this forever!
  • Ooh, thank you, Jimmy. I mean it.

When she sees Jimmy in the girls' dorm

  • What the hell is he doing in here?! Get out! Get out!
  • Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!

When insulted or bullied

  • Leave me alone!
  • WHY? Just go away!

When insulting someone


When seeing someone bullied

  • HAHAHAHA, you look so dumb right now haha!

When knocked out

  • Oh you heartless... *sobs*
  • How could you do this?
  • Just get out of here!
  • I'm finished.

When watching a fight

  • Go, go, go!

Hit by a Bike

  • OH, DAMN IT!
  • Of Course!