"I had nine girlfriends in middle school, I'm not lying."
— Evan telling a lie

Evan Cassadian is a fifth generation Original Character created by Westside JDM.

Evan Cassadian
Evan Cassadian
Birthday May 16, 1991
Aliases Freshman
Eye Color Graphite Gray
Hair Color Chocolate Brown (Naturally)
Brilliant Black (Dyed)
Height 5'6
Grade Freshman
Clique Goths
Status About to be kicked out of his clique
Relationship Status Making girlfriends up
Gender Male
Nationality Jewish
Affiliations Supposedly nine different girls
Creator Westside JDM


He walks around school with a confident look on his face.

He has naturally chocolate brown hair dyed brilliant black, with Graphite Gray eyes.

He disregards the uniform, and wears a dyed black tuxedo, with converse sneakers.

In the winter, he puts on a formal jacket with black mittens.

On halloween, he dresses as Abraham Lincoln


Evan is a no more than a pathological liar, He mostly makes up stories about his supposed success he has with girls, He is always making claims that he had 9 girlfriends, in middle school, but somehow everybody believes him.

He is also the least depressed of the goths. He is a lot more optimistic about life, to which most of his clique mates want to kick him out, not only because he's always lying to them, but because his optimistic attitude ruins the vibe for everyone.

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