"They always make me the dwarf! I'm a barbarian, dang it!"
— Fatty Johnson

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Fatty Johnson is a member of the Nerds clique in Bully.

Fatty Johnson
Clique Nerds
Gender Male
Rival Jocks
Kissable No
Missions Nerd Challenge
Stronghold Assault
Funhouse Fun
Voice Actor Ryan Kotler

Character Summary

Fatty and Pete Halloween

Fatty in his Halloween costume, with Pete behind him.

Fatty is an overweight nerd and has bright red hair that has been styled in a faux hawk. He wears brown oval shaped glasses over his light green eyes. Fatty wears the standard nerd Astronomy club vest, a red tie, and blue jeans. On his hands, he wears red fingerless gloves. In the winter, he wears the Astronomy club sweater, yellow gloves, and a knit cap. For Halloween, Fatty dresses as the Grotto Master.

Fatty is infamous for having the worst hygiene and smell at Bullworth. He even manufactures stink bombs. In addition to this, he has terrible eating habits. He is a messy eater and often walks around with food smeared on his face and clothes. Trent claims to have once found a pizza slice in Fatty's pants when giving him a wedgie.

He is ill-mannered, often speaking out loud about flatulence and nose-picking. Fatty also claims to have once made out with a horse. While not much is known about his home life, he does state his parents fight often, and when they do he hides in a closet and eats doughnuts.

Fatty Johnson Full

Fatty outside the library.

Fatty is possibly the biggest fan of Grottos & Gremlins at the school besides Melvin, as he frequently speaks of it and is seen playing it. He considers himself a barbarian and becomes irritated when he is made a dwarf. He is also a fan of an unseen TV show called Laser Vikings and is the president of the fan club for it.

He is apparently a Pisces, and according to him, he is sensitive because of it. He is very bullied and is often given purple-nurples.

He shares a surname with Karen, Cornelius, and Mr. Johnson, however, there is no evidence to support their relation in the game.

Fatty had the highest high score on the arcade game, ConSumo, with a score of 1,010 lbs. He is later beaten by Jimmy if the player beats the Nerd Challenge.


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