• My mom told me husky means handsome.
  • I heard Lola made out with two boys. Yeah!
  • You ever get one million points in Grottos and Gremlins?
  • I've gone from an obese to a husky.
  • You ever play Grottos and Gremlins?
  • Why can't they have an express lane at the cafeteria?
  • I wish these pants were just one size bigger.
  • Why can't they have fudgesicles every Friday?
  • They always make me the dwarf. I'm a barbarian, dang it!
  • You ever see a girl, know?
  • Mandy says if I lose eighty more pounds she won't puke when she sees me.
  • This planet sucks. I want to live on nebulon prime.

Conversing with Jimmy

  • Fatty has arrived!
  • Wow, you look really super today.
  • I don't care what they say, your always cool in my book.
  • Hailing frequencies open.
  • Greetings and salutations.
  • You've been working out lately.
  • Greetings comrades.


  • Alien Scum!
  • Shove It!
  • Barf knocker!
  • Pea brain!
  • Unstable Molecule!
  • Skinny Doofus!
  • Fudge Blaster!

When knocked out

  • Mommyyyyyy...
  • Oh please don't puke, please don't puke, please...don't...puke..ah...
  • With my last breath, I stab at thee...ohh.
  • Ahh! My gallbladder!
  • Ohh...I feel something coming up...oh.
  • Ahh...warrior has fallen.

While fighting

  • Stop moving around!
  • Hey! Fight fair!
  • I shall maim thee!

When coming to the aid of other Nerds or Jimmy

  • You, uhh, got a handle on the situation?
  • UHHH...You want me to help?

Kicked in groin

  • legacy!

Hit by stink bomb

  • Aww...that stinks worse than me!
  • Who found my cologne?

Winning a fight

  • I ate jelly today. I'm on fire.

When watching a fight

  • Headlock, HEADLOCK!
  • Remember the code of the warrior.

Hit with a bike.

  • My bad, sorry.
  • Sorry for gettin in the way.
  • My whole life flashed before my eyes.
  • It's hard to get around me.

Something gets vandalized

  • Don't do that!
  • NO! Please NO!

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