"Who wants to mess with us next? Huh?"
— Kai Leu

The Felony Fighters are a fanfictional roleplay clique created by Westside JDM. They are the best fighters in the school.

Felony Fighters

Leader: Kai Leu
Second in Command: Zhou Peng
Hierarchy Position: Next to Preps
Rival(s): Jocks
Main Hangout: The Hole
Bullworth Town

Clique Summary

They are identified as skilled martial artists that have long rap sheets, and have had many run-ins with law enforcement before they came to Bullworth.

By their clique's name, they are stereotyped as a bunch of psychopaths who go around beating up people for no reason, when in reality they have just as much moral as the guerrillas do.

If a clique member wants to move up in position in the clique, they must call out someone who is higher than them in position.


They are next to the preps in hierarchy. They don't look to be feared, but they will attack when provoked, but nobody, except the Jocks, and the Preps. Usually when they get in fights with both cliques, the felony fighters will come out on top.


Recently, the Felony Fighters have claimed the hole for themselves and revamped it into a realistic looking fighting club, they have many martial arts weapons put in a storage rack near the broken down elevator, there is also graffiti in the Chinese and Japanese languages. There is also a playlist of alternate rock and electronic music playing in the background.

Rules in the clique

All of the rules in this clique were laid out by Kai, and Zhou, the two highest members in the clique. If any of these rules are broken, the member who broke this rule is voted to be kicked out of the clique, except Kai and Zhou. However, there is a gray area to this, if the member who violated the any of the rules can prove their innocence, they can stay in the clique.

  • Rule #1: If you're going to spar, fight fair. Any dirty moves will result in an automatic disqualification.
  • Rule #2: If you talk trash about a member that is lower in rank than you, expect to be called out for your spot in the clique.
  • Rule #3: If you lose your spot in the clique, and are a poor sport about it, there will be a vote to have you kicked out of the clique.
  • Rule #4: Do not touch another member's training equipment unless you are given consent to do so.
  • Rule #5: In the hole, everybody is equal to each other, and we all are friends that have one thing in common, we all love to fight.
  • Rule #6: Do not initiate any fights with other cliques, unless they provoke you into a fight you then have the right to destroy whoever they are.
  • Rule #7: Treat your clique members the way you want to be treated, poor treatment of any of your fellow clique members will result in you being treated the same way.
  • Rule #8: No fighting like that bastard Johnny Vincent. Haymakers are illegal moves, and if one is performed; the person who used that move is disqualified, and risks being ex-communicated from the clique.
  • Rule #9: If you want to move up in rank, you must call out somebody who is higher in rank than you. If you lose, you stay in your spot, and may be called out for your spot, and if you lose that fight, you automatically lose two spots.
  • Rule #10: If anybody goes in a group of people to fight only one person, also known as jumping will result in their membership of this clique being revoked.
  • Rule #11: Tapping out is okay, but only if you're being choked or put into a submission.
  • Rule #12: If you have a girlfriend, you can bring her down to watch some fights, but no PDAs are allowed.
  • Rule #13: If you're new to the club, and you want to train with us, be prepared to be made fun of for the first couple of times.
  • Rule #14: Don't bring your problems to the hole, because if you do, you will be escorted out.
  • Rule #15: If you get your ass kicked, and you're a poor sport about it, please leave and don't ever come back.
  • Rule #16: If you are a male, and like one of your fellow female martial artists more than just a friend, feel free to ask them out, but if they reject you, don't get butthurt about it; unless you're in love.


Picture Name Description
Kai Leu
Kai Leu He's the leader of the clique, he knows when it's the right time to fight, and the when it's the wrong time to fight. He only fights when provoked, and that is rare, for he is a wise person for a leader of a clique. If anybody is beaten in his clique, he will personally challenge that person to a fight.
Zhou Peng
Zhou Peng Zhou is the second in command, he isn't a very friendly person, unlike most of the other people in the clique. He never aids anyone in fights, he just watches the fights.
Ramon Solano
Ramon Solano He's an impulsive kid, and has a long rap sheet, He's not somebody you'd want to mess with. He is a strong and rather scrawny framed kid.
Abdul Jasem


He's cold, and he's not somebody most people would want to mess with. He has a lot of flexibility at his disposal, and he fights with mostly kicks and wrestling. He is one of the tougher members in the clique.
Michio Akimoto


He's not the friendliest of the felony fighters, He fights utilizing Muay Thai and Judo, with a little bit of street fighting. He sees dirty fighters as weak, and he has intentions to lay out all the dirty fighters in the school.
Jun Sang Parc
Jun-Sang Parc He's a quiet person and is rather shy, he really doesn't have much to say. He is the weakest member in the clique, but he throws hands like a boss. He knows Aikkido, and Jiu-Jitsu.
Alonso Orozco
Alonso Orozco Alonso is a rather quiet person, He is a quick thinker and has lightning fast reflexes, when Kai, Zhou and Josef are gone, he is in charge, and he calls the shots.
Azlan Flores
Aslan Flores Aslan is a brutal fighter, a lot of people pick fights with him, and end up losing. He's also rather quiet, until he's provoked, and when he's provoked, it's not a good idea to fight him.
Caden Cerda-0
Caden Cerda Formerly a Jock, Caden made his way out of the jocks clique, and joined the Felony Fighters. He is more friendly than most of them, and he's likely to stand up for the students that are frequently bullied.
Giovanni Cassano
Giovanni Cassano Giovanni is the new guy in the clique. He's proud to be full Italian, and when called names that mock Italy, he's likely to kick your ass. He's extremely loud, but do not underestimate him. He is a highly skilled fighter, knowing five different Italian martial arts, and learning Italian kick boxing from his dad.
Fransisco Castro
Fransisco Castro Known to be the newest member of the clique, he fights with a style he made up. He has quite a bit of toughness at his disposal
Fernando Olivares
Fernando Olivares Known as "Fernie" around Bullworth, he is on the Bullworth Wrestling team, he's known to be able to knock certain people with only one punch to the forehead. He's a tough fighter, and he's taken out Juri in a wrestling match. Call him Fergie, and bad things happen to you.
Zack Lopez-0
Zack Lopez Zack is known to be fast like a boxer, he pretty much fights like both a boxer and a street fighter. He is loud outside of class, but he's "Hella chill" according to a lot of people in the school.
Nick Maunu
Nick Maunu Nick takes school seriously, and he's a chill guy who brings good vibes to the hole, He has quite a bit of physical strength at his disposal, and has good martial arts prowesses.


  • Only six out of the sixteen Felony Fighters are based off of people Westside knows personally in real life, those members are Alonso Orozco, Aslan Flores, Caden Cerda, Fernando Olivares, Nick Maunu, and Zack Lopez.
  • Most of the rest of the Felony Fighters' names are names of major characters in the Mercenaries franchise of video games.
  • The clique's name is based off of the YouTube channel known as Felony Fights except the Felony Fighters fight fairly, and as friends, and they do not try to injure each other like the people in Felony Fights often do.

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