Four Friends is a story of four completely different individuals who have come together as friends at Bullworth.

Plot Summary

When four friends, who've sworn an oath to one another since grade school reach high school, there's a real challenge there.

Tyson Freedman, a Greaser with a knack for fixing cars and a love for girls. He's a simple guy that loves Rock'n'Roll, and loves to Rock out. He is funny, relaxed, and composed. People at Bullworth find him smooth, and despite his social class he's among the more popular students at Bullworth.

Joe Black is an aspiring Athlete, after making the varsity team for Football he's excited to show the rest of the school what he's made of. Still, despite his ascending popularity he still holds his four friends the closest. He loves hiking in the hills and spending time with his dad.

Cathy Lamere is the daughter of a leading CEO for an oil company. She grew up leisurely in Bullworth and has been close with her four friends for years. She is very disconcerted with her wealth and feels very self conscious about it. Especially around her friends, who dismiss her wealth and hold her closely.

Landon Reno is a dorky straight A student. In middle school he was bullied relentlessly, but now as a Freshman his ties to his friends can solidify him as a cool kid, a modicum he struggles with as his own clique alienates him from the rest of their group. He struggles with keeping the friendship he's had, and foraying out to his clique.

Story Background

This story begins in the Fall of 1978, a year of interest as the Vietnam War recently ended, Punk Rock has begun to flood music. This story won't just follow the characters, but also the time period and how new trends, ideas, and politics affect Bullworth during this year. This story will take place in a diary format, as four characters, with their glaring personalities will write something as how they'd see it, and their view on the matter at hand.

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