"I'll be fine, as long as nobody checks my pockets."
— Gage

Gage Nicholas Walker is an Original Character created by SodaCat.

Gage Walker
Gage 2 sc
Gage Walker
Birthday November 27th, 1990
Aliases - G-Walker
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blond - (Natural)
Red & Black - (Dyed)
Height 5'10"
Weight 162lbs
Clique Punks
Gender Male
Family Tripp Walker - Twin Brother
Creator SodaCat
Gage signature sc
Gage Nicholas Walker

Character Summary

Gage, or Bacon as he is known amongst his peers, has black and red dyed hair that is shaved into a mohawk and wears red colored contacts over his naturally blue eyes.

Instead of his uniform, Gage typically wears a white wifebeater over saggy blue jeans and torn up red Converse. In the winter, he wears a black sweatshirt over his wifebeater and wears a red beanie.

He has black tattoos on his lower stomach, upper left arm, and right calf. Interestingly, they are the exact same tattoos as his brother. Additionally, he has the Punks' signature black diamond tattooed on his neck.

For Halloween, he dresses as a devil with his twin brother, Tripp.

He is given the nickname "Bacon" because of his love of the food, as well as his mohawk apparently resembling a bacon strip.


Gage is best described as a troublemaking ball of energy. He is widely known for notorious sticky fingers, and a tendency to set things on fire or pull the fire alarm.

Having spent the majority of his life socializing only with his twin brother, Gage has difficulty relating to others. Upon meeting people, he is best described as kind and polite, though a little bit awkward. He is indifferent towards people in general, and will typically follow his twin's attitude towards others, or his clique's. For example, if the clique is relaxed around a student, Gage will be kind to them. If they are hostile, Gage will immediately turn aggressive.

Music wise, Gage prefers bands such as the Ramones, Green Day, and the Misfits.

He plays on the Bullworth hockey team alongside his brother.

Home Life

Born and raised in various foster homes in Los Santos, Gage and Tripp relied mainly on each other for company. However, they were often removed from homes due to complaints from the foster parents claiming that the boys set things on fire, broke things around the neighborhood and house, and got tangled in with the law too often.

Having given up on successfully placing them in a home, the adoption agency in charge of the twins decides to place them in a boarding school. When given the options of schools, the boys choose Bullworth, as it is has the best hockey program of all the options. Not particularly a good program; but a better one.


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