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This character sheet was created by Silkvale.

Biographical Information

  • Full Name [& Pronunciation]: Gage Nicholas Walker [GAYJ | NIK-ə-ləs | WALL-kur] 
    • Meaning:
      • Gage Pledge 
      • Nicholas Victory of the People 
      • Walker – Occupational name for a walker 
  • Set Age: Sixteen (16) 
    • Certified Birthdate: November 27th, 1990 
    • Astrological Sign: Sagittarius  
    • Chinese Zodiac: Horse 
  • Gender: Male 

Aliases & Preferred Nicknames:  

  • G-Walker (Used to identify him from his twin when in sports gear.) 
  • Bacon (Given to by friends for his hair, which apparently resembles a bacon strip, as well as for Gage's love of the food.) 


  • Dominant Descendants: American

Family Ties


  • Kurt Walker (father) – Not much is known about Kurt, beside the fact that he passed away in a car crash when Gage and Tripp were very young.
  • Stacy Walker (mother) – Not much is known about Stacy, beside the fact that she passed away in a car crash when Gage and Tripp were very young.


  • Tripp Walker (twin brother) – Gage and Tripp are very close, and tend to do most everything together.

Extended Family:

Is there still contact with their family while at Bullworth?: Not with his parents, as they are deceased, but there is of course contact with his brother, as they attend the school together.

Physical Description

  • Hair Color: Red and black (dyed) 
  • Eye Color: Blue (natural), red (colored contacts) 
  • Weight: 162lbs 
  • Height: 5'10" 

Typical Clothing Wear:

(explain use for all outfits)


Gage tends to ignore the school dress code. He wears a white wifebeater over saggy blue jeans, and torn up red Converse sneakers.


In the winter, Gage wears a black sweatshirt over his usual outfit, and a red beanie.


Gage wears simple black pajamas.


Gage's swimwear is simply black cargo shorts.


For Halloween, Gage dresses as a devil alongside his brother.

  • Figure/Build: Gage could be described as somewhat thin, with muscles on his arms and legs. Though he appears smaller than the average hockey player, he is fast and agile while on the ice rink. 
  • Tattoos: He has black tattoos on his lower stomach, upper left arm, and right calf. Interestingly, they are the exact same tattoos as his brother.  

Personal Information

Current Living Arrangements: Boys' Dorm, dorm 105

Originated from: Mission Row - Los Santos, San Andreas

Traveled Territories:

  • San Fierro, San Andreas
  • Bullworth, New Hampshire

Hobbies: Hockey, troublemaking, sleeping/napping

Fears: Losing his brother

Chronological Information

  • Profession: Student
  • Likes: Fire, hockey, watching television, video games 
  • Dislikes: School, work, rules 

Goals/Ambitions: To move to Del Perro with his brother and open up a tattoo parlor.

Weapons/Equipments: Firecrackers, spraypaint, slingshot

Personal Attributes


  • Pros: Easy-going, relaxed, patient
  • Cons: Bit of a handful, inconsiderate, blunt


  • He is loyal to his friends
  • Always there for his friends, to a fault


  • Terrible at making new friends
  • Terrible at socializing with new people in general
  • Becomes increasingly uncomfortable when people try and get him to problem-solve

Good Habits:

  • Loyal
  • Kind
  • Reliable

Bad Habits:

  • Arsonist
  • Troublemaker
  • Unable to follow directions or rules

Stereotype: Psychopath/emo kid

As you know them better(and you like them): Kind of a crazed, fiery ball of energy, whose only purpose in life is to have fun.

As you know them better(and you hate them): Weird, crazy, psychotic and over-the top.

Ratings on Personal Qualities

Physical Strength: 7/10

  • Years of hockey have helped Gage toughen up, even if it has knocked off a couple of IQ points.

Attractive: 4/10

  • To say the least, Gage isn't very appearance-concerned. The fact that the majority of his head is shaved doesn't really favor his face.

Honesty: 2/10

  • Gage simply causes too much trouble and breaks too many rules to risk being an honest kid.

Rule Abiding: 0/10

  • As stated, Gage is a trouble maker. He can't go through life listening to rules, it's just not him.

Sociability: 3/10

  • Gage relies on Tripp to meet new people, he's not good at introducing himself. He tends to rely on Tripp for social interaction far too often.

Bullworth Academy Information

Reason for enrolling: His and Tripp's adoption agency couldn't place them, so finally they were simply sent to boarding school. The twins chose Bullworth as, compared to all the other school options, it had the best hockey program available.

Clique: Punks

Standing and Rank in Social Circle:

  • Room Number: 117 
  • Roommate(s): Tripp Walker  
  • Favorite Subject(s): Chemistry 
    • Why?: Though Gage hates school, he still appreciates the ability to make things explode in chemistry class. 
  • Least Favorite Subject(s): History 
    • Why?: Compared to all other classes, history class has the least possibilities to blow things up or set fires. In fact, history is not dangerous at all. 
  • Favorite Teacher: None 
    • Why?: Gage doesn't like school, and he doesn't like teachers. 
  • Least Favorite Teacher: None 
    • Why?: In Gage's book, they're all tied. 


Language(s): English

Schooling Level: High School (Sophomore) 


  • Chemistry: 32% 
  • Math: 48% 
  • English: 67% 
  • Geography: 45% 
  • Politics/Law: 53% 
  • Economy: 65% 
  • Cooking/Culinary: 43% 
  • Shop: 83% 
  • Botany/Biology: 22% 
  • Art: 88% 
  • Photography: 82% 

Reading Level: Below average

Relationships Statuses

Trusted Companions

Closest Friend(s):

  • Tripp Walker: Besides being Gage's twin brother, Tripp is also his best friend. They are partners in crime, both literally and figuratively.
  • Daniel Nix: Garrett doesn't allow Danny to hang out with Gage as much as Gage would like, but when he is able to hang out with Danny, the two get along quite well. They have similar mindsets, to have fun at any costs, though Gage tends to be a little too extreme about it.
  • Jason Griffith: Though Jason does consider Gage to be somewhat of an idiot and treats him as such, Gage still has high respect for Jason. He appreciates Jason having taken in Gage and his brother as friends when they were new, as most of the other students viewed them as the weirdly close, crazy twins.


  • Garrett Warren: Despite Garrett not letting Danny hang out with Gage often, Gage and Garrett are still friends. Gage is one of few people to actually get a couple laughs out of Garrett.
  • Duncan Haynes: Though Gage and Duncan tend to get into dumb fights, mainly regarding Gage irritating Duncan, the two are still friends.
  • Milo Lopez: The day Gage met Milo was one of the worst days in terms of Crabblesnitch's relaxation ever. With Gage supplying a borderline psychotic fascination of fire, Tripp supplying a worrying ability to plot rivaling that of a trained government spy, and Milo supplying the obsession and love of simply causing things to explode, these three probably belong in prison, or on their own sitcom.
  • Jackelin Pearce: Gage, at first, disliked Jackelin, because he thought she was mean. It took her winning over Tripp for Gage to decide she was alright.
  • West James: If there's one person Gage doesn't understand, it's West. If it were up to Gage, West would be feeding his tormentor's own entrails to them; he's seen West fight and he knows he could do it. Why he doesn't is a mystery to Gage. Regardless, West is a nice kid and Gage likes that about him. The matching hair color works out pretty well, too.

Hated Rivals

Worst Enemies:

  • Derby Harrington: It took less than a week for Derby Harrington to refer to Gage and Tripp Walker as 'orphans'. They did not take it lightly.
  • Ted Thompson: Gage despises the fact that the majority of school funds go to the football team, rather than the hockey team. Since Ted is the captain of the football team, it's a lot easier to hate just him than the other guys on the football team, who Gage can stand.

Intolerable Students:

  • Mandy Wiles: Gage is 100% sure that Mandy has a crush on his brother, Tripp. And according to Gage, she is a threat to his close relationship with his brother. Therefore, Gage dislikes her.
  • Vance Medici: Gage is perfectly aware of Vance and Tripp's mutual flirting. As stated, he hates any threat to his close relationship with Tripp, and therefore Vance is not okay.

Harmless Acquaintances

Tolerated Students:

  • Sheldon Thompson: It all started when Sheldon saw Gage plant a firecracker in a toilet, and rather than go and tell on him, Sheldon told Gage it was cool and that he wanted to try it out. Gage has decided that he wants to turn Sheldon into a future arsonist. Dr. Crabblesnitch is not happy about this.
  • Jesse Tyler & Casey Harris: Gage still remembers his first day at the academy, when Jesse and Casey decided to tease them. The two football idiots teased them, Tripp and Gage started a small fire in their dorm and made them walk out in the cold in their underwear. Let's just consider them even.

Hot Encounters

Hinted Attractions:

  • Christy Martin: Besides calling her 'hot' on occasion, there are no other signs that Gage is attracted to Christy Martin.


  • Pinky Gauthier: Gage has a very painfully obvious, one-sided crush on Pinky Gauthier. It is unknown if it is rooted from true feelings, or if he's just trying to annoy her by bringing her flowers and singing cheesy love songs to her in a crappy, squeaky voice.

Extra Information

Eating Habits

  • Omnivore/Carnivore/Herbivore: Omnivore 
  • Favorite Food(s): Bacon Cheeseburger 
  • Favorite Drink(s): eCola 
  • Disliked Food(s): Anything with broccoli or brussel sprouts 
  • Disliked Drink(s): Green tea 

Added Information

  • Proclaimed Theme Song(s): Rock 'n' Roll High School - The Ramones 
  • Scent: Ashes 
  • Favorite Color: Red & Black 
  • Favorite Season: Summer 
  • Favorite Animal: Dogs 
  • Favorite Music Genre: Punk 

Most Memorable Quote: "I mean, look, I'll be totally fine, as long as nobody goes through my pockets."

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