Wandering Around

  • Trials by fire, setting fire! (To the tune of Green Day's Holiday)
  • I need new ice skates.
  • Where'd I put the lawyer's phone number?
  • Tripp and Gage? Why doesn't anybody ever say Gage and Tripp?
  • School sucks.


Initiating Conversation

  • Hey, how've you been?
  • So what's up man?


  • All the time.
  • I mean, I guess sometimes.
  • Not really.
  • No way, that's just stupid.

Ambient Conversation

  • Crabblesnitch says I've gotten the highest number of detentions this year!
  • Those greaser kids think they own New Coventry! But man, Ace showed that Vincent kid.
  • I heard the new kid killed somebody at his last school, that guy's hardcore.
  • Shit, they're real stupid if they think I'll bother coming to class now that the gates are open!
  • Everyone's after that Lola chick, makes me wonder what I'm missing out on.
  • Why does everybody care about football all of a sudden?! I mean, it's not like the hockey team just doesn't exist!
  • Jimmy Hopkins sure is a wimp.
  • Hopkins hired me and Tripp to be his body guards, 'cause he knows nobody messes with us.
  • Me and Tripp got the best prank planned for next month, it's gonna be epic.

Reacting to Rumor

  • Really? That's pretty awesome.
  • That sounds pretty fake, if you ask me.
  • No dude, that's bullshit.


  • You ever cause $1,000 worth in damage?
  • You ever get this weird feeling like you just gotta set something on fire...?
  • You hear about that tattoo place in New Coventry that just opened up?
  • So, uh, is Crabblesnitch still looking for whoever pulled the fire alarm last week?


  • Yeah, I've heard about that.
  • All the time!
  • I mean, maybe?
  • Nope, never.
  • Really? I hadn't heard about that.


Good Terms

  • Hey!
  • What’s up?
  • Hey, dude!

Bad Terms

  • Nope. Nope, no, no.
  • Keep walkin'.

Saying Goodbye

Good Terms

  • I gotta go do some stuff with Tripp, we'll talk later.
  • I'm outta here, dude.
  • Gotta go, we gotta meet our lawyer today...

Bad Terms

  • Get out of my face!
  • Shoo!

Being Hired


  • Oh yeah, with me by your side, nobody'll mess with you.
  • I can keep the losers off you.


  • Hell yeah! We're gonna be invincible.
  • Let's get to business.


  • Man, if I get caught, they're gonna make me do community service! I gotta bounce.
  • Hey dude, sorry but this got lame.
  • Hockey practice is starting soon, and I'm the best player.

Asking for Errand

  • I need something, it's not exactly legal, but I need you, dude.
  • So if I get caught doing this, I'm dead meat, but you'll be fine, right?
  • Jim! I need a favor, man!

Giving Errand

  • Those greaser kids think they own this place. Go egg them!
  • The football team keeps taking the hockey team's funding! Go send them a message.
  • I need you to pull the fire alarm, I need Tripp out of class right now and he's not willing to skip today!

Bike Related

Bumped with Bike

  • What the hell?
  • Hey, watch it!
  • I'm walking here!

Crashing Bike

  • Aw, man!
  • Damn it!

Stealing a Bike

  • Don't tell the adoption agency!
  • WOO!

Bike Stolen From

  • Hey, I paid for that shit!

Seeing Successful Trick

  • Nice.

Seeing Failed Trick



  • It won't take me long to beat you, and I'm willing to!
  • You want a nice shiner, pretty boy?
  • My fist, your face, got it?


Good Terms
  • Woah come on, I'm on probation!
  • I'll be good!
Bad Terms
  • You sure this is a good idea?
  • What, you think you're scary now?


  • It's just part of puberty!
  • Nothin' like a Bullworth welcome!
  • Come on, you like it!

Being Bullied

  • Tripp!

Demanding Cash

  • I'm broke, and nobody's hiring, so you'll have to finance me for now.
  • I won't beat you if you give me some cash.

Receiving Cash

  • Sweet!
  • Didn't think you'd actually do it, loser!

Giving Swirlie

  • They always said I was bad at hair styling!
  • I dropped a dookie here yesterday, tell me if you see it!


  • TRIPP!
  • Don't dude!
  • Come on, I'll pay you!


  • I'll get you...

Putting Student in Locker

  • Don't worry, it's loser-sized! You'll fit!
  • That's what you get for being smart, nerd!

Shoved in Locker

  • Hey, I got practice later!
  • But I don't even like books!


Starting Fight

  • What's life without a couple arrests?
  • Oh you're gonna get it now!

While Fighting

  • You think you can take me?!
  • You're going down, loser!

Hit in Nuts


Spit On

  • Aw, fuck you!

Watching a Fight

  • WOO!
  • YEAH!

After Winning Fight

  • It'll be worse next time!
  • That'll teach you!

Knocked Out

  • Tell coach I give!
  • Someone get Tripp...!



Hidden From

  • Yeah, well, I don't have time for this anyway!
  • WIMP!

Out of Breath

  • Whoo-wee... I need to work out more.

Bumped Into

Good Terms

  • Careful, dude!
  • Oops, my fault!

Bad Terms

  • I will literally set you on fire.

Hit by Car

  • You wanna start something?!
  • I'll blow your car up, I don't care!

Hit by Rat

  • Is that Domino?

Food Fight


Fire Alarm

  • YEAH!


  • In the face!
  • Hahaha, watch this!


  • You guys suck!
  • Alright, who fucked up?!
  • Guys, this sucks!


  • Take that, wimps!
  • We're the best!

Reacting to Tagging

  • Got any spare cans?!

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