"I don't care. At all."
— Garrett

Garrett Scott Warren is an Original Character by SodaCat.

Garrett Warren
Garrett Headshot SodaCat
Garrett Warren
Birthday July 6th, 1989
Aliases - G
- Gare
- Purple
Eye Color Brown - (Natural)
Purple - (Colored Contacts)
Hair Color Brown - (Natural)
Purple - (Dyed)
Height 6'5"
Weight 210lbs.
Clique Punks
Status Second in Command
Gender Male
Family Danny Nix - Adopted Younger Brother
Creator SodaCat
Garrett signature sc
Garrett Scott Warren

Character Summary

Garrett has purple hair that is gelled up, and purple colored contacts over his naturally brown eyes. He is the second in command of the punks, and is Jason Griffith's best friend, and acts as a sort of older brother to Danny Nix.

Tattoos Garrett SodaCat

A close up of the tattoo on his chest.

Like the other Punks, Garrett ignores the school dress code. Rather than his uniform, he wears a black tank top and black jeans, paired with black loafers.

In the winter, he simply adds a black sweatshirt and black fingerless gloves. He does not wear a shirt when he sleeps and instead wears the same black cargo shorts he wears for gym class. For Halloween, he simply adds a black cape and a Batman mask to his face.

Garrett is heavily tattooed. His left arm is covered in black tattoos of skulls, and he has a black, flaming skull with horns on his back with the words "it takes a monster to destroy a monster" over it. His left leg also has a flaming skull tattooed on. His hands have been tattooed to look like the bones of his hands over his skin. His chest has a quote tattooed on as well.

Garrett Side view SodaCat

A close up of his tapers.

He has black snakebite piercings, as well as black snake tapers in his ears. Notably, he wears large black glasses, the stereotypical "hipster glasses". He does, however, become very irritated when referred to as a hipster.


Garrett is silent and cold to a fault. He is surprisingly unsympathetic and often keeps his thoughts to himself. He dislikes people almost on sight, even his fellow clique-mates, and has trouble trusting others. He is frequently thought of as being full of anger and hatred though he does harbor some lighter emotions that are seen by those close to him.

He prefers metal music more than punk though he still adores punk music. He enjoys moshing almost as much as Jason does, but is not a fan of crowd surfing. Garrett is also very skilled in playing the bass.

Though his clique is stereotyped around the academy as being a bunch of failures, Garrett is actually very intelligent and strives academically.

Like Jason, he cares deeply for 'the music'.

Home Life

Due to his quiet nature, barely anything is known about Garrett's home life by other students. He was dropped off at an orphanage as a baby, and no couple would take him due to the 'creepy aura' that the music he favored gave off. Eventually, his orphanage closed down, though Garrett ran away while the other children and the staff were transitioning. He lived by himself in a trailer in Blue Skies and was eventually taken in by Danny Nix's family.


  • Full body view.
  • A close up of his tattoos and gauges
  • Formalwear.
  • Pajamas.
  • Swimwear & back tattoos.
  • Gym.
  • Back tattoos.


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