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Geography is a class available at Bullworth Academy in Bully: Scholarship Edition.

Matthews Geography

Mr. Matthews, the Geography teacher.

Class Summary

Geography is taught by Mr. Matthews, and consists of the player placing flags on a map with their cursor in order to correctly label countries or states. There is a timer, and a score below 70% is a failure. Each mistake made takes 5 seconds off the timer.

The class itself seems to be more or less the same thing, students place flags on maps with push pins.



The Geography 1 map.

Class Region Reward
Geography 1 Europe Eiffel Tower Hat
Geography 2 United States Racing Outfit (or just head)

Marked Rubber Band locations

Geography 3 Asia Panda Outfit (or just head)

Marked G&G Card locations

Geography 4 Middle East

North Africa

Pith Hat

Marked Transistor locations

Geography 5 Central America

South America

Explorer Outfit

Marked Gnome locations

Globe room trophy

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