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"Sometimes, I wish I was on the volleyball team."
— Georgia
Georgia Holliston
Georgia Holliston-0
Birthday August 30, 1990
Aliases - George
Eye Color Spring Green
Hair Color Mordant Red
Height 5'7
Grade Senior
Clique None
Status About to graduate
Relationship Status Single
Gender Female
Family Earl Holliston - Father
Petunia Steinfield - Mother
Hometown Houston, Texas
Nationality Irish
Rival Machaley Edgemon
Affiliations Audrey San Lorenzo - Close friend
Creator Westside JDM

Georgia Holliston is a first generation Original Character created by Westside JDM


She has long mordant red hair with spring green eyes. She stands at a height of 5'7. She is also pale skinned, and has styled eyebrows

During normal weather, she wears the non-clique uniform, with white knee socks and black Mary-Jane sandals. During the winter, she puts on white tights and a black beanie, and dark blue gloves.

She was one of Bullworth's finest girls until the end of the post-fanfiction revamp.


She speaks with a heavy southern accent, and is typically said to have the perfect voice to fit her accent, Her favorite food are barbecued ribs. She occasionally attends Darell Lewis' barbecues, because he invites anyone who's not a prep to his barbecue parties.

She's sweet to most of the younger students around the academy, She always gives advice to those that come to her for it, typically reminding the younger students which teachers bad sides to stay off of.

In general, Georgia is a sweet person. She's highly supportive of her friends, and

Interests, Hobbies, and Talents

She likes to dance with Audrey on occasion. She's done Irish dance her entire life, Her father encouraged her to dance, and she's fulfilled his encouragement.

She likes to play the piano and the banjo. Her and Audrey occasionally play the flute and the piano together

Post Fanfiction Revamp?

After JDM's version of Transferred to Bullworth was deemed an unsuccessful story, JDM went back to the planning board and came up new Ideas. In an abandoned story about Machaley Edgemon, Georgia was one of Machaley's opponents, and that idea was eventually abandoned, luckily today JDM revamped Georgia from a rather boring and arrogant character to a more something he could write about. She has been considered to be a protagonist, but her story was cancelled due to a lack of any ideas for the story, other than complaining in a diary. Lastly, she was one of Bullworth's original finest girls before the Marra Twins, and the Von Webbers arrived, she was ranked as the 2nd best looking girl on the list.

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