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"This place needs a better volleyball team."
— Gianna

Gianna Marinelli is a fifth generation Original Character created by Westside JDM.

Gianna Marinelli
Gianna Marinelli
Birthday September 19th, 1990
Aliases - Gi
Eye Color Sienna Brown
Hair Color Brilliant Black
Height 5'9
Grade Junior
Clique None
Status Prettiest girl in the school
Relationship Status Single
Gender Female
Affiliations Bullworth Bullhorns Volleyball team.
Main Hangouts Football field
Creator Westside JDM


Gianna has brilliant black hair and sienna brown eyes. She also wears glasses from time to time.

She stands at a tall 5'9 with long legs, she is regarded as one of the tallest girls at Bullworth, but still is one of the most beautiful girls in the school.

Uniform wise, she wears a non-clique girl's uniform, with a green skirt, white knee socks, and black Mary-Janes.

In the winter, she exchanges the knee socks for white tights, white gloves, a teal and white scarf and a teal beanie.


Gianna is regarded as one of the sweetest people in Bullworth Academy, She treats respects everyone and treats them the way they want to be treated. She's easy to get along with, and typically a forgiving person.

When any of her friends are in grief, or in need of someone to reach out to, she's always there for them, be it a pet death, or a breakup; she always knows how to cheer her friends up.

She is also highly intelligent, She does well in all of her classes; she has grades ranging from B+'s to A+'s. She does remarkably great in History class.

She has a great sense of humor, and she also has a memorable laugh. Her jokes are typically perfectly timed, and always have a great punch line.

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