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This character sheet was created by Silkvale

Biographical Meaning

Full Name:

Matthew: Gift from god

Stephan: Wreath, Crown, Honour, Reward

Galmes: No known meaning


Type 1000: Ginji's chance out of 1001 being featured in a story

Ginji: Used by many people around the academy

G: Used exclusively by his best friend, Josh Michaels.

Family and Culture

Noel Galmes (Father)

Noel is Ginji's father, he is an honest and hard working man of his words, He will do whatever he can to protect his youngest son from harm and danger.

Connie Galmes (Mother)

Connie is an honest woman, and she too works hard at her job. She has raised both of her sons to the best of her extent.

Michael Galmes (Older Brother)

Michael is a man of his words. He can be immature from time to time, and has a tendancy to tease his younger brother, in which his younger brother doesn't know he's just joking

Jade Moreau (Cousin)

Jade is Ginji's cousin. They frequently hang out together, despite being in different social circles of the school. Jade ignores her friends calling Ginji trash.

Dominant Descendants

French, Sicilian, Irish

Distant Descendants

Italian, Greek, Spanish

Physical Description

Hair color: Carmine Red

Eye color: Short and curly

Height: 5'9

Weight: 197 lbs

Personal Information

Current Living Arrangements: Boys Dorm, Room 160

Roomates: Jalen Harris, Jerry Haugh, Algernon Pappadopulous

Traveled Territories: Florida, France, Amsterdam, Switzerland, Italy

Hobbies: Writing, Poetry, Lego

Fears: Rejection, Spiders

Religions/Beliefs: Catholicism

Health Behaviors

Addictions: Marijuana

Physical Ailments: None

Disabilities: ADHD, Bi-Polar, Aspergers, Schizofrenia

Issues: Some Anger issues, napoleon complex

Chronological Information

Personality: Funny, Charismatic, Savage, Loud, Confident, Intelligent

Weaknesses: Quick to lash out and insult, Big mouth, Impulsive

Good Habits: Doesn't lie to those who have authority over him, Is sure to get work done, Cares about his grades

Bad Habits: Impulses can't be controlled, Disrespectful to the teachers who aren't respectful to him, Lazy

Ratings on qualities

Physical Strength: (7/10)

Ginji may look out of shape and weak, but he can hold his own in a fight, until the skilled fighters come out to play. He can run a fairly above average distance before getting tired

Attractiveness: (6/10)

Ginji is fairly good looking, despite being short and a little bit overweight. He has red hair and steel blue eyes that change color to Achat gray from time to time, and he has his hair styled in a stylish way for gingers

Honesty: (6/10)

Despite Ginji lies about certain things, he never lies about what he thinks of somebody, and he will tell the person he doesn't like that he doesn't like them to their face

Rule Abiding: (8/10)

Ginji avoids breaking rules, he just doesn't like to be in trouble, and when he is in trouble, he gets stressed out

Intelligence (9/10)

Ginji is a good problem solver, and people comment on his intelligence level, thinking he is a smart person.

Sociability: (6/10)

He is inbetween social and anti-social


Closest friends

  • Jordan Balesterri: Jordan and Ginji met at a football game, and he knew that she was the right girl. She may be a grade above him, and a year older, but their relationship proves that age is just a number, and that love has ultimate power over age.
  • Audrey San Lorenzo: Audrey and Ginji share two classes together, French and History. They are always partners in History. Audrey is a little jealous of Jordan being his girlfriend, but she still thinks they are the cutest couple she knows in the school.
  • Alex Thompson: Alex and Ginji are close friends, despite being in different cliques. They rarely get to hang out, and when they do, it's typically a double date with their girlfriends.
  • Josh Michaels: Even back at home they were close. Josh and his friends eventually moved to Bullworth to get away from Salinas High, and when they came, they all got even closer than they were back in Salinas.
  • Jade Moreau: Jade and Ginji may be in different social circles, but they still have their family oriented love. Jade and Ginji often hang out, but when they can, it's somewhere off campus.


  • Andrei Mishnev: Ginji's brother from another mother. They at first didn't get along, but when Andrei found out that Ginji didn't get along with Mr. Silacci, He offered to break Mr. Silacci's chair for him.
  • Michael Diaz: Michael and Ginji are true partners in crime, They met in French class. They also messed with the jocks together, they are practically brothers in arms.

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