"It took me ever since 8th grade to make mom let me move to Bullworth, and I eventually got my wish"
— Ginji

Ginji Moved to Bullworth is a fanfiction written by Westside JDM. It takes place during the events of Beauty is a blonde's best friend, My life as a slave to my dad, Life as Bullworth's finest girl, and Bullworth's first Russian; Four fanfictional stories written by him.

Ginji Moved to Bullworth


Westside JDM




Audrey San Lorenzo
Machaley Edgemon
Jalen Clinton
Michael Diaz
Piper Harrington
Jesse Tyler




Ginji, a 16 year old boy from Salinas, California who has wanted to move to Bullworth since middle school. He wants to move there because he wants to get away from Salinas and his past.

He moves to Bullworth to meet many people at Bullworth, and make friends. Chances are, he ends up making more than just friends with a certain girl. Who becomes his girlfriend.

Eventually, some of his past catches up with him, his friend Cristo Reyes moves to Bullworth to see Ginji, and finds out that he has a girlfriend.

He also makes friends with a couple other students. He shares French with Michael Diaz, who make friends off the bat. He shares English with Piper, who doesn't really care about him but wants to help him get on his feet, and makes acqaintainces with Jesse, who at first didn't trust him, because he's new to the school, but finds out about his success with the girls around the academy.


Main characters

The Protagonist

Name: Ginji

Age: 16

Grade: Sophomore


Ginji is a boy who lived in Salinas his entire life who earned his nickname "Ginji" for his ginger appearance. Various students at Bullworth think his actual name is Ginji, when it's really not. His Instagram username is "Yaboii.Ginji"

Ginji happens to be about 5'7" and is slightly overweight. Not too overweight like Fatty.  

He also has public speaking experiences that date back to the third grade, where he participated in plays and presented projects in front of class.  

The King of the school

Name: Jimmy Hopkins

Age: 15


Grade: Sophomore

Jimmy is seen as Ginji's best friend in the school, They both have red hair and happen to be ladies' men. Jimmy also happens to follow Ginji on instagram. His Instagram user name is "The_King_of_Bullworth"

Bullworth's finest girl

Name: Audrey San Lorenzo

Age: 17

Grade: Senior

Audrey San Lorenzo- FINAL UPDATE

Audrey makes her appearance as Ginji's motivation to move to Bullworth. She happens to meet him on his first day at Bullworth, she first doesn't recognize him and she thinks it's not him, Sooner or later she turns out to be wrong. She eventually invites him over to her house and they hang out. 

She offers Ginji a tour of the town and he gladly accepts. She happens to be one of Ginji's followers on instagram. Her Instagram username is "OlBlacknblue"

The Best Friend

Name: Cristo Reyes

Age: 16

Grade: Sophomore

Cristo Reyes

Ginji's best friend from Salinas High; Cristo moves to Bullworth. They both prove to be able to survive the harshness of Bullworth Academy, and survive one long Sophomore year.

Cameo Characters

The French Classmate

Name: Michael Diaz

Age: 18

Grade: Senior

MichaelDiaz101's Original Character makes a cameo appearance in the story. He happens to share a class with Audrey and Ginji. On Ginji's first day, he gets partnered with Ginji and they become friends after making a joke about a classmate that looks similar to Ginji.

The Gym Classmate

Name: Jesse Tyler

Age: 18

Grade: Senior

File:Jesse Headshot Ver 2.png

Jesse happens to share gym class with Ginji. They end up being on the same team for football. Jesse first considers Ginji a nerd, but he turns out to be wrong, for he has a good left arm and happens to be a fast runner.

The English Classmate

Name: Piper Harrington

Age: 17

Piper H SodaCat

Grade: Junior

Ginji walks into his English class to meet Piper. She was somewhat nervous around him. She is nice to Ginji, but only as a friend.

People Ginji meets

The Blonde

Name: Machaley Edgemon

Age: 16

Grade: Sophomore

Machaley Edgemon- FINAL UPDATE

Machaley is the first person Ginji meets, She first thinks Ginji's a stalker because he asked if she was who he thought he was he then says He's Ginji and she realizes who he is and hopes to see him in one of her classes. Her instagram username is "Blondie_Jandi".

The Crush Girl

Name: Jasmine Marra

Age: 15

Grade: Sophomore

Jasmine Marra

Jasmine makes friends with Ginji, but he assumes she's being friends with him because he's just a new student. He confronts her, and she confesses that she thinks he's cute. He isn't scared, he just tries to avoid her. Her Instagram is "JasmineJenniferMarra"

The Crush Girl's Twin

Name: Natalie Marra

Age: 15

Grade: Sophomore

Natalie Marra-0

Natalie is another friend of Ginji, He is somewhat attracted to her. Little does he know that both of the Marra twins are fighting for Ginji's heart and attention, and little do they know he is more attracted to Audrey than he is attracted to them.

Her Instagram is "ASeduced_Cheetah"

Bullworth's Best Actor

Name: Talia Von Stahl

Age: 16

Grade: Junior

Talia Von Stahl- Slight Update

Talia meets Ginji in her drama class. She finds out about his public speaking skills; First she assumes he's a creeper like Jerry; but turns out she's wrong and they happen to both enjoy poetry.

The Girlfriend

Name: Jordan Balesterri

Age: 17

Grade: Junior

Jordan Balesterri- FINAL UPDATE

Jordan is a somewhat supportive character. She occasionally hangs out with Ginji and she also shares a two major interests with him, Gymnastics and Poetry. They show interest in one another, and end up dating for a short time.

Her Instagram username is "TheDepressedBrunette"

The Gymnast

Name: Cameron Joeseph

Age: 17

Grade: Junior

Cameron Joeseph- FINAL UPDATE

Cameron is an acqaintaince of Ginji. She is somewhat afraid of him, yet he does not look to be more than just acqaintainces with her, because he didn't want to makle Greg mad, because Cameron is his girlfriend. Her Instagram is "TheOriginalGymnast"

The Pilot

Name: Greg Winston

Age: 17

Grade: Junior

Greg Bellic- Updated

Greg is another friend of Ginji. He shares an interest of helicopters with Ginji. He also takes Ginji crop dusting with Cletus Dalton at times. His instagram is "RepoMan.GregWinston"

The Gangsta

Name: Jalen Clinton

Age: 17

Grade: Junior

Jalen Clinton

Jalenfinds out he shares a room with Ginji. He helps them shut Algie and Jerry up. His Instagram username is "Fams4Life"

Minor characters

Bullworth's First Russian

Name: Sophia Pashkov

Age: 16

Grade: Sophomore

File:Sophia Pashkov.png

Sophia is another new student at the academy. She misjudges Ginji as some weirdo who thinks he's popular. She finds him sitting in one of his classrooms and he introduces himself to her. She still misunderstands him and does not speak to him unless spoken to. Little does she know about Ginji following everybody on Instagram. She has no Instagram.

The Little Brat

Name: Alyssa San Lorenzo

Age: 13

Grade: Freshman

Alyssa San Lorenzo- FINAL UPDATE

Alyssa is not exactly a friend of Ginji. Whenever Audrey has Ginji over, she gets jealous of Audrey and will stop at nothing to get Ginji to talk to her, even if he says something rude to her. She has an Instagram, and follows Ginji, but he does not follow her back.

The Annoying Roommate

Name: Jerry Haugh

Age: 15

Grade: Sophomore

Jerry Haugh

On the first day, Ginji and Jerry make a bet to see who can get a girlfriend first. Jerry of course loses the bet, and has to wear a kick me sign. He has no Instagram, as a matter of fact; he has no phone.


Chapter 1 Introduction[1]
Chapter 2 The party[2]
Chapter 3 Saying goodbye[3]
Chapter 4 Arrival[4]
Chapter 5 Meeting Bullworth's finest girl, with a surprise[5]
Chapter 6 My roomates have a war[6]
Chapter 7 The next day[7]
Chapter 8 Gym class[8]
Chapter 9 Meeting a certain someone[9]
Chapter 10 Hanging out with the dynamic trio[10]
Chapter 11 A depressing lunch[11]
Chapter 12 Hanging out with Bullworth's finest girl[12]
Chapter 13 An unfamiliar problem called punishment[13]
Chapter 14 Save the drama for your momma[14]
Chapter 15 The best day of my life[15]
Chapter 16 First date[16]
Chapter 17 Long lost friends come together[17]
Chapter 18 Boxing Bonanza[18]
Chapter 19 Double date[19]
Chapter 20 A brutal day[20]
Chapter 21 Homecoming[21]
Chapter 22 A call from mom[22]
Chapter 23 All packed up and ready to go[23]

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