"Those greasers aren't real Italians."
— Giovanni

Giovanni Cassano is a fifth generation Original Character created by Westside JDM.

Giovanni Cassanno
Giovanni Cassano
Birthday September 29th, 1988
Aliases - Gio
- Gio De Janeiro
Eye Color Sienna Brown
Hair Color Phantom Black
Height 5'10
Grade Senior
Clique Felony Fighters
Gender Male
Hometown Bullworth, New Hampshire
Nationality Italian
Rival Greasers
Main Hangouts The Hole
Creator Westside JDM


Giovanni has curly Phantom black hair, with Sienna brown eyes. He stands at an average height of 5'10.

He disregards the uniform, and wears a black hoodie, with black sweatpants and black vans sneakers. In the winter, he simply puts his hood up, and puts on fingerless gloves.

For Halloween, he dresses as an Italian World War II Soldier.


Giovanni dislikes the Greasers, he thinks none of them are real Italians, like he claims he is. He always makes his own food in Culinary class, and all of it is Italian food.

He is extremely loud, and quick to fight. He however fights fairly, like most of the felony fighters, not somebody you'd really want to pick a fight with, as he is extremely tough, lightning fast, and highly knowledgeable in five different Italian martial arts, and learning kickboxing from his dad, which gives him the recognition as one of the most dangerous fighters in the school.

He is also a devote Catholic, insulting his religion will most likely get him to beat you up.

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