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This page is purely Fanfiction. Not canon to Bully in anyway at all.

"There are two great evils in this world; animal abusers and cheerleaders." -Becky, speaking one of her many opinions.

Girl World is a Fanfiction set at Bullworth Academy written by WayfinderOwl.


The Girl

Name: Becky Delaney

Age: 17

Grade: Junior

Becky has never lived outside Bullworth in her whole life, born and raised in New Coventry. Her parents were dirt poor and her father was a crook. She has known Gary Smith practically since he was born. In a lot of ways she sees him as a younger brother. Their fathers were literally partners in crime, right up until they were caught and sent to prison.

A passion for fighting injustices in the world has always stirred in Becky. Protesting for the rights of animals on a regular basis. Is a devote vegan. She has her work cut out for her in a place like Bullworth Academy.

The Bestfriend

Name: Zoe Taylor

Age: 15
Zoe Taylor

Grade: Freshman

They met Zoe's first day of school. Both have been more or less bestfriends since. Due to their similar tastes and hatred for fake people and the injustices of the world. Even during Zoe's expulsion they remained friends.

Zoe is more than happy to join in with the scheme, hoping to take on her own personal enemy. The girl who tried to blackmail her, making something out of Mr. Burton's inappropriate behavior, that wasn't true.

The Guy

Name: Russell Northrop

Age: 18
Russell Northrop

Grade: Senior

Russell is known for two things; being the king of the bullies, and being the strongest kid in school. Girls are an alien concept to him, but that didn't stop him from hoping that one day a girl might love him. Most people are quick to write him off as a big dumb ape, but the truth is he has a heart of gold and he is fiercely loyal. Russell may be a bully, but the one thing he can't stand is girls getting pushed around.

He refuses to sit idly by, while Mandy has Becky thrown into the pool. Offering Becky help, he makes his first friend that is a girl. Becky being possibly the first girl to give him a chance to get to know her and vice versa, he has a wish for her to become more a friend.

The Cheerleaders

Name: Mandy Wiles

Age: 16

Grade: Sophomore

Self obsessed, self loving, shallow cheerleader, who just loves to socially destroy anyone who doesn't "make the cut" for her precious cheerleading squad. Socially destroying people is one of her joys in life, just because she can. Clinging on to her boyfriend Ted gives her the popularity she always wanted.

She has always hated Becky, because as she puts it Becky is a "vampire freak." Having to share a dorm with her is just torture. Nothing pleases her more than to think of ways to humiliate her nemesis.

Name: Kyla Vazquez

Age: 16 (will be by the events of this story.)

Grade: Freshman

Bitchy, vindictive, and shallow. Loves having people tripping all over themselves to please the Queen Bee's right hand girl. Often seen blackmailing, bullying the "little people", or basking in the adoration of the school's losers. Often seen hanging off Damon's arm, if they are on again after yet another break up.

She hates Becky, and anyone who threaten her popularity has to go, and she will stop at nothing to keep it. Even if that means pulling together all her resources (band of loyal followers, and her cache of dirt she has to blackmail all the important people with.)

The Pawn

Name: Ted Thompson

Age: 17

Grade: Junior

All star American quarterback. What he lacks in brains, he certainly makes up for in his looks and physical strength. Lives his life by the philosophy "If it feels good, do it." To him, scoring with girls feels pretty good, so he spends much more time flirting with the girls than hitting the books.

At first, he was cool with the plan that Becky had no interest in him beyond kissing him publically to get to Mandy, but his own ego can't stand the fact that she is, in his eyes, the only girl in school who has never been at least a little bit in love with him. He is entirely oblivious to the fact that she has no real interest in him, and probably never will.

He also has a keen interest in video games. His gamer tag is "AllAmercianQuarterback".

Minor Characters


Becky Delaney had no interest in school politics. Not until Mandy Wiles took their rivalry too far, with a prank that involved throwing Becky into the pool. Bitter and angry, Becky retaliates by planning to socially destroy her enemy. First, she plans to steal away Mandy's boyfriend Ted, who is more than happy to play along. Simple agreement; keep the relationship public, lots of kissing, and the moment feelings are involved they end it. At least until Ted changes the rules. But Ted himself is not the only one fighting for Becky's heart. For the first time in his life, the school's quarterback finds himself on the losing side of competing for a girl, with Russell Northrop.


None published yet.

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