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The Girls' Dorm is the female dorm at Bullworth Academy in Bully.

Girls Dorm

The Girls' Dorm exterior.

Location Summary

Despite the fact that there are only eleven girls at the academy versus fifty boys, the Girls' Dorm is significantly larger than the Boys' Dorm. The dorm has three stories which consist of eight bedrooms, a large lounge that doubles as a dining room, a large washroom with multiple stalls, showers, and sinks, and a laundry room. On the third story is a cobweb-filled attic.

Each dorm room in the dorm contains 3 beds, 3 desks and 1 wardrobe. All the dorm room doors are open, save for one room at the end of the hall on the second floor that is always locked.

The dorm is patrolled at all times by Mrs. Peabody. She is very strict and insists the girls keep their rooms clean, do their homework, and behave properly.
Girls Dorm Interior
Males are not allowed to enter the dorm. If Jimmy enters it, girls who see him will scream and run, or occasionally knee him in the crotch or slap him. All of the female students can be seen in the dorm at some point within the game, including the younger ones and later Zoe Taylor.
Girls Dorm

Christy Martin in one of the Girls' Dorm dorm rooms.

If the trouble meter is full, Mrs. McRae and Mrs. Carvin may appear, and occasionally Ms. Philips.

Apart from the front door, there is another entrance to the Girls' Dorm. There is a climbing lattice on the side of the dorm, and an open window at the top that leads into the attic.

In Chapter 5, during Complete Mayhem, Johnny Vincent, Hal Esposito, and Peanut Romano vandalize and spray paint the dorm.


  • Mrs. Peabody, the dorm monitor, believes that the Jocks are planning to break into the Girls' dorm via ladder.
  • Casey Harris once spent the entire night locked in the laundry room of the Girls' dorm.
  • Many players believe there is a ghost girl in the attic of the Girls' dorm—the ghost of a bullied girl who hung herself in the attic. This is not true. More information on this myth and an investigation can be found in multiple fan videos, such as this one.


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