"I like to show that they massively underestimated the force that they were dealing with, and then really give them something to complain about."
— Jimmy Hopkins

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Glass House is a non-storyline mission first available in Chapter 3 of Bully.

Glass House
Glass house
Galloway drinking in his classroom.
Location: English classroom
Time(s) Available: 7 PM
Reward: $40
Unlocks: Here's to You Ms. Philips

Mission Summary

Mr. Galloway, the English teacher of Bullworth Academy, is sitting in his classroom drinking scotch at his desk When Jimmy walks in. Mr. Galloway calls Jimmy by his last name and greets him with the phrase 'fair thee well, young squire?', clearly drunk. He offers Jimmy a highball who gladly accepts, but Galloway quickly changes his mind on the basis that Jimmy may be a little too young. He says he better keep the liquor out of harm's way before chugging it down.

Once he finishes chugging, he is out of breath, and Jimmy asks if he will be alright. Galloway explains that he is drunk because of "that pompous ass, Hattrick". He tells Jimmy that Hattrick has been badmouthing Galloway to the other staff, claiming that Galloway is an irresponsible drunk and is trying to get Galloway fired and turn Ms. Philips against him.

Jimmy tells him that when people speak negatively of him, he likes to prove them wrong. Galloway asks if he means by rising above and being the bigger person, but Jimmy explains that he likes to show others that they underestimated him and 'really give them something to complain about'. Galloway complains this to 'the treacherous' Machiavel, enamored by the idea. Jimmy agrees before exiting the classroom.

He goes to the school parking lot and finds Hattrick's car. Using his skateboard, Jimmy skitches a ride to Hattrick's house. Hattrick drives rather oddly, with frequent, sudden stops.

Once they arrive at Hattrick's manor (named Hattrick Manor) in Old Bullworth Vale, Jimmy waits for Hattrick to enter his home before entering the property. Once on Hattrick's land, he begins vandalizing as much as possible; smashing windows, plants, etc.

Not long after Jimmy begins smashing things, Hattrick calls the police who promptly come and begin searching the property. Jimmy can hide from them in empty flowerpots. Once he has vandalized enough to fill a small bar on the screen, Hattrick comes out to search for the vandal from his porch, but Jimmy manages to escape.

Video Walkthrough

-HD- Bully Scholarship Edition- 41 Glass House07:33

-HD- Bully Scholarship Edition- 41 Glass House

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