"I can't believe they're gonna grade based on accomplishment! My family has given SO MUCH to Bullworth!"
— Gord

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Gord Vendome is a member of the Preppies clique in Bully.

Gord Vendome
Clique Preppies
Gender Male
Rival Greasers
Affiliations Lola Lombardi
Kissable Yes
Missions Beach Rumble
Jealous Johnny
Voice Actor Andrew Gehling

Character Summary

Gord is a small prep, with brown hair and brown eyes. He is bisexual and wears the standard prep outfit, consisting of an Aquaberry sweater vest and a gold watch on his left wrist. In the winter, he wears an Aquaberry sweater and a scarf with a light & dark blue argyle pattern.

The son of a trial lawyer, Gord is constantly talking about clothes and poor people. He is more vocal about the latter than the other preps. Despite this, he does not mind "slumming it" when he develops feelings for someone he considers to be poor, such as Lola. He believes that poor people have more fun, as they are more "real". Additionally, Gord wishes his father would buy him an Aquaberry stock, and claims that Derby called him the best-dressed student at Bullworth. His father apparently owns eight hotels.

Gord wishes to get into law school and mentions working at his father's law firm over the summer. He speaks with a trans-Atlantic accent, and on occasion, speaks with an American accent.


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