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During missions and others

  • You're just not good enough Jimmy!
  • You'll never belong Jimmy.
  • He got out! Get on the bikes and get him!
  • Where is that dirty sod?
  • I bet he's around here somewhere.
  • Hey guys, I found him!
  • Fabulous! I love it when people know their place in life.
  • You think you'll get away from us like that, Jimmy?
  • Hey Jimmy! Get back here and fight like a man!
  • You know the password?
  • Get lost, you gnat.
  • Wrong. SCRAM!
  • You trying to be funny?
  • What did you say?
  • That's right! It's where my papa has eight hotels.
  • How did you get the password?!
  • Well I'm going to work for my father's firm this summer.
  • No no, I wanna do it. His firm's handling a big murder trial. I'm going to help out.
  • Oh, screw you! I'm not gonna get the guy convicted! Besides, it'll look good on my university application.
  • Yes, the old fashioned way is best...
  • Hopkins? What are you doing here?
  • This is a private affair. You don't belong here!
  • Gentlemen! We need to rid ourselves of this scum!
  • Enough! Let's get him out. Now!
  • Pound him Bif!
  • I love watching a good match!
  • You think you'll get up again!?
  • His left eye looks swollen!
  • It's a wonder Hopkins is still standing.
  • Hopkins is surprisingly tough!
  • Couldn't mistake her anywhere... who's she with?
  • Did I ever tell you how much I admire your lab coat Dr. Watts?
  • Edna, you really do look... smashing tonight!
  • Who's that? Let's go!
  • Just have to meet up with... a friend!
  • Indeed!
  • Just so!
  • Hey there hot stuff.
  • Come over here you little vixen.
  • Kissy kissy baby.
  • Well...
  • Hahaha... I'm coming to get you baby.
  • Evening chaps. My date and I need a little privacy if you know what I mean... mind helping us out?
  • Looks like I caught you Lola.
  • You're loving it baby.
  • What was that? Did you hear something?
  • I know a better place... let's go.
  • See you later, chums. We're off.
  • Stimpson. Go drive around the block a few time.
  • Come on Lola. No one will disturb us in the garage.
  • Just you wait and see.
  • I see where this is going you little strumpet.
  • ... but... but... oh well.
  • Hey you! Are you spying on us?
  • Who's that skulking around over there?
  • I can see you. I know you're there.
  • What is he doing with my bike? Stop! Thief!
  • I'll get you, you thieving bastard!
  • That's my bike you common scum. I want it back!
  • Stop now... and I won't report this.
  • I won't let you get away with this.
  • Give me back my bike!
  • What's all that ruckus? Let's get out of here.
  • Aaaahhhh!
  • No! Cousins are legal... oh... you mean Lola?
  • Help me!
  • Somebody please help me!
  • Where is everybody? Help!
  • Thanks man!
  • Don't worry Jimmy... I got your back!
  • Maybe but my daddy has more mistresses than yours.
  • Oh Mandy, you're so pretty. I wish you were my cousin... then daddy wouldn't mind...
  • I wonder, Mandy... if I bought you expensive jewelry, then would you be mine?
  • What do you see in those meathead jocks? They don't have money and breeding... like I do...
  • HEY! Get out of here, you pervert!
  • I bet it was those greaseballs.
  • I know it! They've always hated us.
  • So much for peace in our time, pauper!

ALLY About to Leave

  • I think I've done my part... see ya!
  • Alright, this is getting boring.

ALLY Help Me

  • Hopkins! A little help if you would!
  • I said Hopkins! Some assistance, please!

Getting knocked off bike

  • What a cheap bike.
  • Ouch. Good thing I'm insured.

Comment on successful bike trick

  • Oh. Like that makes you cool.
  • Very flashy indeed.

Comment on failed attempt at trick

  • Don't just lie there!
  • I guess you aren't that good after all!

Stealing a bike

  • Excuse me! I need to borrow that.
  • Don't mind me, but I need your bike.

Has bike stolen from

  • Buy your own bike!
  • My daddy's gonna sue you!

Winning a fight

  • Oh my... laughs*
  • Oh yes! Come on!

When into him bump when friendly

  • Oh! Hello there.
  • Yes?
  • Don't mind me.

When into him bump when hostile

  • Please, don't touch me!
  • Get back to work!
  • Who do you think you are?!
  • You're bothering me!
  • I want nothing to do with you!
  • Don't make me angry.
  • Have you no manners?

When bumping into other cliques

  • (Dropout) Go back to the welfare office!
  • (Greaser) Out of my way, poor person!
  • (Nerd) Get lost, dorkface!

Getting hit with bike/car

  • My daddy's gonna sue you!
  • Are you blind?!
  • Oh no! My shirt tore!

Saying Goodbye

  • Derby's expecting me. Gotta go.
  • Well, I have to study for law school. See you later.
  • I need to do some shopping. Tsa tsa.

Saying about rides

  • I suppose that was adequate!
  • That was mildly amusing in common sort of way.

Calling friends for help

  • Fellows! Over here!
  • Give me a hand chaps!


  • You won't escape me!
  • Keep running, it won't help!

When someone escapes him

  • You got away! For now!

Out of breath

  • ...oh my... I'll let you go...

Walking around talking to himself

  • I would just die of embarrassment if anyone knew I bought it on sale.
  • I'm really starting to like that Lola girl, too bad daddy will never approve!
  • I wonder if Derby will ever pay back the money I lent him.
  • Am I really the best dressed at Bullworth? I must be, Derby wouldn't lie to me.
  • Perhaps it's true, poor people do have more fun. Because they're more real.
  • I really love Aquaberry! Maybe daddy will buy me stock in the company?


  • It's an outrage, my daddy would be incensed.
  • It is completely unacceptable, someone will hear this - mark my words!

When confused

  • Can someone help me make sense of this?


  • Well done indeed!
  • Whoa good show!

During a conversation

  • Oh I had another thought.
  • That reminds me of something.
  • Did you hear? They have a sale on Aquaberry, quite unfortunate!
  • My daddy says they'll triple the tuition... keep the riff raff out you know.
  • He was wearing athletic shoes, OUTSIDE the gym. Obviously we can't talk to him anymore.
  • Derby says it's okay to date trashy girls like Lola, as long as you don't bring her to any parties.
  • There won't be as many undesirables at law school... can't wait.
  • I can't believe they're going to grade based on accomplishment, my family has given so much to Bullworth.
  • Narrate the new kids have any breeding what so ever very disappointing.
  • I heard Chad got beat by those greaser scumbags in New Coventry.
  • Derby's been saying it's time to remind those greaser scumbags their inferior status.
  • Did you hear? Jimmy Hopkins took Johnny Vincent to school. I wish I'd been there.
  • I heard Hopkins is gonna do something spectacular. Don't know what it is... but sure to be impressive.
  • Derby says Jimmy Hopkins is the biggest disappointment since universal suffrage.
  • Sounds like hearsay to me.
  • I guess that's what happens.
  • Hmm. I'm not surprised.
  • How very droll.
  • Today I wore a shirt that was a year old. I felt horrible.
  • I can never pick which aftershave to wear. It will probably get worse once I start shaving.
  • Johnny Vincent said he's got his eye on me. I'm a little worried.
  • I worry about my grades. I was a little late with that special success fee.
  • Don't worry, at least we have money!
  • Look at the bright side, you're not poor... right?
  • I usually buy something to make myself feel better.
  • Can't you sue somebody or something?
  • Why are there so many low class people around? It's aggravating.
  • I'm beginning to think it's true: money can't buy love, it's awful.
  • I got caviar on my favorite shirt last night. I'm absolutely devastated.
  • I can't believe they let poor people vote, it's just so unreasonable.
  • Well, tsa tsa!
  • I'm afraid I have an appointment, see ya!
  • I must be going, bye!
  • I really like dressing well... you know... it makes me feel good!
  • Don't tell anyone, but Lola and I've been... you know, having fun!
  • I'll take on all those greasers they don't scare me.
  • Women love me, it's a fact!
  • We're like that where you and me.
  • You remind me of my dad!
  • You're obviously a high class individual!
  • Have you ever dressed in all Aquaberry clothes? It's a wonderful feeling!
  • Did you get that designer shoes I showed you?
  • Hey! Have you ever tried harassing the homeless? It's great fun!
  • Didn't you get to stay in that palace in Venice?
  • Yes, but I wasn't that impressed.
  • Honestly I don't remember.
  • Yes, because Derby said it was a good idea!
  • I don't think my daddy would approve that.

Losing Dodgeball

  • Well... I never cared to begin with.
  • You know, I-I wasn't really trying.
  • You may have won, but you're still poor.
  • So what if you won? We're still rich.
  • Sure, savor the only victory you'll ever win in life.
  • I bet that this stupid victory makes you feel real good, doesn't it?


  • How despicable.

Hit by friendly fire

  • Hopkins, don't be such a prat!
  • Could you stop with the random aggression? Please!
  • Are you a little confused, Hopkins?


  • I'm an excellent boxer you know.
  • You better not damage my clothes!
  • You are messing with the wrong chap.
  • I'll put you in your place.

Losing a fight

  • My Aquaberry sweater...!
  • My dad... is going to sue you!
  • How did that happen?
  • Oh, I can't believe it!
  • It's just a minor setback…
  • I'll make you pay for this for the rest of your life!

Starting a fight with other clique

  • (Dropout) You townie kids are nothing but trash!
  • (Greaser) Know your betters Greaseball!
  • (Jock) Poise would beat muscle every time, dunce!
  • (Nerd) You'll work for me one day, nerdbrain!

When attacking

  • You're going back to the poor house!
  • You're getting awfully uppity!
  • I suppose I better beat you!
  • Oh, well, I guess I must beat you!

Kicked in the groin

  • Ahowww... that was... DIRTY!

When spat on


Watching a fight

  • Show some spirit, man!
  • A fight!? Oh how very amusing!

Hit by some sneak attacks or projectile attack

  • What is this nonsense?
  • Oh, very funny!

When the fire alarm goes off

  • Another alarm? How tedious.


  • Uhm... ah... please don't.
  • My father is important loyal you know.
  • Can't we... ah... just GET ALONG?
  • Please don't damage my expensive clothes.

Food Fight

  • Think of the starving children! … Food fight!

Talking about freaks

  • Is this how poor people really live? How fascinating!


  • I need some sort of fascination. Go ahead. Make me an offer.
  • Well, that's good!
  • I suppose that will do.

Demanding money

  • You do want to contribute to the Harrington House fund, don’t you Hopkins?
  • You’ll help me buy a new Aquaberry sweater, won’t you?
  • I’ll make it simple for you: pay, or get hurt!

Demanding flower

  • Don't you know? It's customary to get a present to show you in for it.
  • I don't wanna come across as a materialist but some token of appreciation would go a long way.
  • I have a fascination to go in a long way.

Receiving flower

  • For me? Aww... you shouldn't do that.
  • Aww... you're such a sentimentalist. Thank you.

Getting money from his victim

  • Ahahaha! That's a good chap!
  • Good to see you know your place, Hopkins.
  • I always knew you were a reasonable chap Hopkins. Ha ha.

Giving a gift

  • You might find this useful.


  • Why hello there.
  • How are you?
  • Pleased to see you again.

Greeting authority

  • Ma'am.
  • Sir.


  • Hellooo there. Care to come see my collection of expensive clothes?

Complimenting clothes

  • Your dress exceedingly well, Hopkins.
  • The haircut suits you Jimmy, it gives you an air of class.
  • Excellent ehm... hat you have there, Hopkins?
  • Nice pants, Hopkins. Are they, Aquaberry?
  • I can't help. But know that your fine shoes, Hopkins!
  • Splendid shirt, Hopkins! I must say.


  • You're DEFINITELY the best dressed, Gord.
  • I guess good breeding does nice.

Requesting an errand

  • Well, old pal it's a simple thing I need you to do for me.
  • Listen closely, I don't want you to make anything escape.
  • Hopkins old pal, would you mind helping me out a bit?
  • Hopkins, you old chum, Gord needs you to do something for him!


  • Do you know who my daddy is?!
  • You'll be punished for this!
  • That was un-though-full!

When greeting with fear

  • Oh, hello, sir.

Teasing #1

  • Shouldn't you be stamps or something?
  • My daddy says people like you are useless!
  • You're nothing but a poor trash and that's what you'll always be.


  • Ahahahaha! Trash.
  • Ahahahahaha! Oh very funny! Yeah ahahaha!


  • Is just kissing*


  • Mmm... I feel so deliciously dirty now.
  • That might to be slumming. But I like it.
  • Oh, you're so naughty!
  • I feel strangely attracted to you.
  • Have you even been, kissed by a rich boy?


  • I hate him! He has to pay!


  • Is just belching*

Hit by a thrown dead rat

  • A filthy rat! How rude!

Greeting someone in bad terms

  • Oh, look. It's Hopkins, the thug.
  • Hello, peon.
  • Well, well, well, isn't that Hopkins character?

When greeting someone in good terms

  • Good to see you, Hopkins!
  • Oooh, Hopkins! There you are!
  • Hopkins, old chum! How are you?


  • Please...don't hurt me...I'm wearing my favorite shirt...
  • Come on, let me go! I have to go party at Harrington House...
  • Please, leave me alone. Derby's so mean to me if I get roughed up.

Aiding a fight

  • I said unhand him! Immediately!
  • That won't do! That won't do it all!

Perceiving thing as cool

  • I should buy one of those!
  • How amusing!

Perceiving thing as crap

  • Oh, how another plebeian display.
  • I've seen better. So much better.

While seen vandalism

  • That's not yours! Stop breaking it!
  • Stop that! That's mine!

Saying about fireworks

  • Ohohoho! How splendid! I need to buy one of those!
  • Don't be so reckless!

Hit with a stink bomb

  • Aw, what an awful stench!
  • Oh my! It smells like… like poor people!

When suck up

  • I always though you were alright in spread in your property!
  • You know I almost consider you might equal!
  • No, really. I mean if you be my friend, I'll make sure you're get a job one day.

Insulting the tag

  • I suppose you think that's all rebellious and cool, Hopkins!

Conversing with prefect

  • My daddy will not stand this sort of behavior.
  • I have paid an accessible out of reputation and I'm not to put out with it.


  • You're poor and ugly!
  • Welfare case!
  • You're nothing but a poor trash!
  • Get a job!
  • You're an embarrassment to the human race!
  • Do you even know your daddy's name?!
  • Your girls said you're a bad kisser!


  • Are you trying to provoke me?!
  • I'll teach you to know your place!
  • Just because I'm rich and well dressed doesn't mean I'm afraid to fight!
  • Keep that up and I'll beat you into a pulp!

Ignoring a fight

  • I was only joking!
  • Ohh haha. I'm... I didn't mean anything.
  • Did you think I'm really manned, did you?


  • You're a nobody!
  • My daddy owns your daddy!
  • You're deserved to be poor!

Other Taunts and Insults

  • You better learn your place quick, new kid.
  • Trash like you is not wanted here, GET OUT!
  • Oh, Hopkins. You have some egg on your shirt! *laugh*
  • I always knew you were trash, Hopkins!

Insulting the Clothes

  • Who dressed you Hopkins, that crazy hobo?
  • Why would you do such a thing to your hair?
  • Those are the probably worst pants I ever seen!
  • Where'd you get those shoes Hopkins, the clown store?
  • A tattoo, how very criminal looking.
  • You may dressed well Hopkins but you still trash!

Insulting the Cliques

  • (Dropout) Whatever, poor person.
  • (Greaser) You greaseballs are trash!
  • (Jock) What is that on your pants, poo?
  • (Nerd) You dorks are nothing but trash!


  • Is just crying*


  • You beneath my notice.
  • Am I should pay attention why?
  • Would you keep it down, please?
  • Who are you exactly?
  • You surely talk people some of his mother hates him.
  • I could buy your entire family.
  • My daddy could destroy you.
  • I'm taking no doubt from a poorly dressed pauper like you!
  • Stop trying to compensate for your poverty!
  • Your thug act doesn't scare me Hopkins!

Getting bullied

  • No Noooo, you're really scaring me!
  • Please don't damage my expensive clothes.
  • Please, don’t hurt me! My daddy will be upset!

Saying this way

  • I said: Hopkins! Over here!
  • It's this way!

When thanking Jimmy

  • Well done, Hopkins. Well done indeed.

After swirlie

  • Why did this have to happen to me...?
  • I got toilet water on my aquaberry sweater...
  • WHY did they let brutes like him in...?

Getting swirlie

  • Please don't, I'm wearing a VERY expensive shirt...

Winning in Dodgeball

  • I’ll show you who’s the best: me!
  • You’re outclasses, and outmatched.
  • I don’t even need to buy my victory against the likes of you.

Insulting in bicycle race

  • We'll show you how gentlemen behave themselves.
  • You pathetic wrenches! Ha! Don't make me laugh!
  • My servants are more impressed than you and they're pathetic!

Laughing at headdress

  • What exactly is that on your head?

When thanking of someone

  • I suppose I should thank you.

Winning an individual fight

  • The best man won!
  • Don’t let it get you down, you never did have a chance!
  • Daddy’s going to be so proud of me!

Physically bullied

  • One day you'll regret this!
  • (While crying) How... how could you?

Winning in Dodgeball with his team

  • We've beat you and we're richer than you!
  • How is that make you feel?!
  • We did it, chaps!

Physically bullying someone

  • Not that I'm surprised, surprise your breeding at one again.
  • Laugh* Look at you squirrel! You're so entertaining!
  • That will teach you respect your betters!
  • Now we seen who's the inferior? Brutalized maggot.

Saying wrong way

  • Are you getting lost again, Hopkins?
  • Where exactly you think you're going?


  • I don't see why something like this should happened!


  • How curious!

When TV turned off

  • Do turn that back on, you obnoxious twerp!