"I don't understand why the world can't live up to my standards."
— Gordon Wakefield

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Gordon Wakefield is a Non-Clique student in Bully.

Gordon Wakefield
Clique Non-Clique Students
Gender Male
Kissable No
Voice Actor Unknown

Character Summary

Gordon is skinny, and has brown hair and green eyes. Usually, he wears a dark teal Bullworth sweater over a white shirt and tie, along with tan slacks and black loafers. In the winter, he wears a dark teal jacket and baby blue gloves. On Halloween, he wears a white hockey mask.

Gordon smoking in the bathroom.

Arrogant and conceited, Gordon believes he is better than everyone else, and the way in which he speaks of himself can often be considered to come to the point of self-worship. He enjoys talking about himself, and criticizes others on anything and everything, for example; their ability to read, or their fighting style.

He claims that he is a good kisser as he has "practiced for years" on his arm, and claims that an unnamed girl "sucks so much she can't tell".

Despite claiming that he has been accepted into various Ivy League schools, Gordon does not get along with Mr. Galloway, the English teacher, who has given him multiple Bs. This angers Gordon, who believes that Mr. Galloway "doesn't know poetry from his butt", and that he should be fired.


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