Wandering campus

  • I don't understand why the world can't live up to my standards.
  • A B? A frickin' B? Galloway ought to be fired! That hack doesn't know poetry from his butt!
  • I can't believe she'd ask me that. Of course I'm the center of my universe! Jeez!
  • I know I'm a good kisser, I've practiced for years on my arm! She just sucks so much she can't tell!

While conversing

  • I heard that Pinky has a thing for Hopkins. Talk about bad taste, it's not like she's hot stuff anyways.
  • I heard that Ricky can't even fix a bike now his girl's gone. Like, get over it.
  • I hate how everyone wants equality all the time.
  • Quit whining. Did you know that I got a B+? I'm the one that should be whining.
  • That's great, but not as great as me.
  • At least you're not an idiot like Bucky!
  • Did you hear about Lance? He's like the biggest loser ever, he can't even read!
  • I heard the Johnny has something big planned. Like that meathead and comprehend anything beside grease and gears.
  • I can pull almost every trick on a bike. It's not even challenging anymore.

Hit by friendly fire

  • Cut it out!

When threatened

  • You'll regret this, I swear you will, please don't do this to me!

When bullied

  • Why did you do this to me, not me
  • I'm not a loser! I'm cool! Damn it!

When watching a fight

  • Oh come on! I can throw a better punch with my hands behind my back!
  • Is this fight a slapping contest? Come on, people!

When fighting

  • If my sugar level wasn't so low you'd be hospitalized by now!
  • If my back wasn't acting up, you'd be dead right now!
  • You think you can take me down?! Hahahahaha
  • If I didn't feel so bad for you, your nose would already broken

When attacking

  • I'm gonna show you how a man fights his battles!
  • My fist, your face! You ready?


  • *Sobs* I Just hate it! Hate everything! *Sobs*

Knocked out

  • I would've won if my asthma didn't act up.
  • You're a coward. I can still fight. Come on...
  • You had to cheap shot me, huh?

Hit in the groin

  • Argh! I'll sue your ass if I ever have stupid kids!

Taken down and spit on

  • Oh! You know class beat the trash gross!

When swirlied

  • Argh, I'm going to need some disinfectant, antibacterial soap and some chewing gum!

Hit with a bike

  • OWWW, I don't deserve this, I don't have to take this garbage.
  • AHHH, you frickin' buffoon, watch your damage.
  • Holy Christ, that was like so harsh.

Something gets vandalized

  • You're gonna pay for that, asswipe!
  • NO! How can you do this?

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