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Not to be confused the The Goths, a similar clique created by Malice89

"Fuck the system, and everyone who supports it"
— Lucas Leroy

The Goths are a fanfictional clique created by Westside JDM.


Leader: Lucas Leroy
Second in Command: Dominic Scaletta
Hierarchy Position: Tied with the Greasers
Rival(s): Jocks
Main Hangout: Cemetary
Blue Skies Industrial Park

Clique Summary

They are easily identified as the depressed maniacs and the satanists of the school, Everybody fears them, except the Guerrillas and the Hippies. They all wear black clothing, and have dyed jet black hair, with blue or green eyes. They hate everybody, and usually attack anyone who talks smack, they all go in a group to beat the said person up, they don't take any bullshit, and usually ignore those that want to join the clique, they usually haze whoever wants to join the clique into cutting themselves. They are all stereotyped to be psychotic. They also are NOT to be mistaken for Goth scene kids.


They are tied with the Greasers, Who are the second highest clique in the school, They are known as the most feared clique in the school, despite being below the Jocks.

They can easily bully any other clique, besides the Guerrillas, they enjoy bullying those that are weaker than them. They will attack anyone who comes near their turf.


Picture Name Description
Lucas Leroy
Lucas Leroy Lucas is a cold person to boot, he hates people, but not those that are in his clique. He tasks himself to protect all of them with his life. If anyone beats up anybody in his clique, he will hunt them down and beat them senseless
Dominic Scaletta
Dominic Scaletta Dominic isn't a friendly person. He has even been suicidal on rare occasions. He hates everything he sees and everyone he knows, except for those in his clique. He takes an instant hatred towards every single person he meets
Autmn Kohler-San Lorenzo
Autumn Kohler Autumn is a cruel person, and a bitch, and somebody everybody hates. She's always been cruel towards her cousins and her brother. She's shallow and quick to accuse people of stalking her and calling people creeps, She is brutal towards a dude named Alexei for having a crush on her cousin Audrey
Lacey Atkins
Lacey Atkins Lacey recently returned to the goths, because she can't stand people at all. She is feared by many girls, and even some of the cheerleaders at the school. Everybody goes through her treatment, even Mandy has gone through her treatment.
Evan Cassadian
Evan Cassadian Evan is the least depressed of the group. He is friendly, but he is near being kicked from the clique, due to his positive attitude. He also acts like a child from time to time. He is also considered extremely annoying by his fellow clique mates
Sergei Voronov


Sergei is the mute of the clique. He also has most of his face covered by his hoodie. Nobody knows how he came to the academy, and nobody knows how he joined the clique. He also has a tendency to attack people for no reason
Misha Melanich


Misha is a boy with a long rap sheet. Just by how he dresses, he looks like somebody you wouldn't want to mess with, Even his own clique mates are scared of him, due to his appearance
Mason Brandt
Mason Brandt Mason is the kind of guy who simply just doesn't care about anything or anyone. He's also extremely quick to insult somebody, and extremely impulsive.
Viktor Petrov-0
Viktor Petrov Viktor is a boy that has the reputation of a stalker. He has an unrequited crush on Jade Moreau. Jade is aware of Viktor's crush on her, and avoids crossing paths with him
Celia Peterson


Celia is a girl who claims to know many different martial-arts, But in a real fight, she can't always hold her own, She's also extremely rude, selfish, and condescending.

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