NOTE: This is a list of quotes for Greg Winston in the original Transferred to Bullworth.



On Good Terms

  • "Hey, How are you?"
  • "It's nice to see you again"
  • "Awesome Shirt, Where'd you get it?" 
  • "What's going on with you?"
  • "What's up brother from another mother"


  • "Hello beautiful, You look nice today"
  • "Are you ready to have the best time of your life?"
  • "You're looking really beautiful today."
  • "I love you, that's all there is to it."
  • "You're beautiful, Just like me."
  • "What's up sister from another mister?"

When on Greg's bad side

Chasing someone

  • "You can run, but you can't hide"
  • "Stop and we'll talk about it!"
  • "Keep running, and I'm just gonna pound you harder and harder."

Out of breath

  • "This is stupid"
  • "And I thought I could run?"
  • "Looks like running from Officer Balestreri didn't pay off at all"


  • "Fuck you... YEAH, YOU!"
  • "Ha Ha, How's that feel"
  • "How's that feel, Huh?!"
  • "Move out of the way"
  • "Move it or lose it!"


  • Insulitng a fat Nerd: "Listen, you're fat and you stink; go take a shower"
  • Insulting a skinny Nerd: "Go eat something, you're skinnier than a piece of paper."
  • Insulting a Jock: "You're dumb and your **** is tiny."
  • Insulting a Gangbanger: "Are you inbred or just naturally dumb?"
  • Insulting a Greaser: "Go put on some regular clothes, you wannabe gangster."
  • Insulting a Redneck: "Are you naturally dumb? or are you just acting?"
  • Insulting a Prep: "You're too spoiled, go sell some of your clothes."
  • Insulting a Townie: "Have you ever heard of a job? You should apply for one"
  • Insulting a Cop Daughter "Your dad is a pig, and you're his pig-like offspring!"
  • Insulting a Bully: "You're dumb, and ugly. Go put on some anti-zit cream."

Rejecting a girl

  • Rejecting Pinky Gauthier: "No, You're too hard to handle"
  • Rejecting Machaley Edgemon: "Your parents wouldn't like a poor kid like me."
  • Rejecting Beatrice Trudeau: "I'm sorry, But I really can't be in a relationship right now."
  • Rejecting Jordan Balesterri: "I'm sorry Jordan, but I really can't trust you; You're really nice and I admire you, but we can't."
  • Rejecting any of the other Cop Daughters: "No; I know you'll get me in trouble with your dad if I do one thing wrong."
  • Rejecting Georgia Holliston: "I would, But I can't; because your fellow clique members are extremely racist."
  • Rejecting Audrey San Lorenzo: "You seem like a very nice girl, But my dad wouldn't approve; because My dad has a rivalry with all of the mafia families in Liberty City"
  • Rejecting Shantel Jackson: "I'm friends with Jalen, but I don't want to become his enemy"
  • Rejecting Zoe Taylor: "You seem very nice and smart, But I'd rather not"
  • Rejecting Mandy Wiles: "I don't like Popular girls."
  • Rejecting Kyla Vance: "You spread rumors about me all the time; I hate you,"
  • Rejecting Cameron Joeseph before they start dating: "You judged me before even saying anything to me; I really wouldn't associate with someone like you."
  • Rejecting Eunice Pound: "Don't even think about it." or "Go away."
  • Rejecting Lola Lombardi: "I hear that you cheat on Johnny; I don't want to end up kicking his ass because of you."
  • Rejecting Angie Ng: "Unless you like to get in trouble; You can't date me."
  • Rejecting Christy Martin: "You spread rumors about me all the time; Don't ever talk to me again"

Saying yes to a date

  • Accepting Pinky Gauthier: "Sure; the date we went on was really fun; But just don't demand a lot."
  • Accepting Machaley Edgemon "As long as you don't tell your parents we're dating; You'll do great with me."
  • Accepting Beatrice Trudeau: "I see you get bullied a lot; I'll protect you from the popular girls, And I also need help in Math."
  • Accepting Jordan Balestreri: "You may be a cop daughter, But you've never threatened to hurt me like your fellow clique members."
  • Accepting any other cop daughter: "Okay; Let's try it; As long as you don't get me in trouble with your dad, we'll be fine"
  • Accepting Georgia Holliston: "Let's try it; It'll probably go well."
  • Accepting Audrey San Lorenzo: "Sure; Just don't tell your fellow friends I'm Niko Bellic's son."
  • Accepting Shantel Jackson: "It's worth a try."
  • Accepting Zoe Taylor: "If you can help me in English; I'll date you."
  • Accepting Kyla Vance or Mandy Wiles: "Just don't spread any rumors about me, okay?"
  • Accepting Eunice Pound: "You may be fat, but looks aren't everything"
  • Accepting Angie Ng: "I hear you're a good kisser; We should try it sometime."
  • Accepting Christy Martin: "No more rumors, okay?"
  • Accepting Lola Lombardi: "As long as you don't cheat on me like you would to the others, Then we'll be fine"


Triggered into a fight

  • "Time to go down."
  • "Come on then!"
  • "Let's roll cupcake"
  • "Let's see what you're really made of!"
  • "C'mon Punish Me!"

Starting a fight with a clique leader

  • Starting a fight with Earnest Jones: "Don't get mad because you lost your first fight of the day."
  • Starting a fight with Johnny Vincent: "Haymaker? more like Haybreaker!"
  • Starting a fight with Ted Thompson: "Don't cry to your coach if you lose!"
  • Starting a fight with Derby Harrington or Alden Ackerman: "Rich boys are always the ones to go down first
  • Starting a fight with Victoria Peterson: "Let's see those eight years of Karate go down the toilet!"
  • Starting a fight with Jalen Clinton: "Let's see how gangsta you really are, cuz!"
  • Starting a fight with Cletus Dalton: "You really think you are a patriot don't you."
  • Starting a fight with Edgar Munsen: "Alright bitch; Let's see who the real bitch is."
  • Starting a fight with Russell Northrop: "Strength doesn't always matter."

Triggering a fight 

  • Starting a fight with a Redneck "Let's see what yir mayde uv"
  • Starting a fight with a Cop Daughter: "Your Black belt in Karate doesn't scare me; Neither does your dad"
  • Starting a fight with a Nerd: "Alright; You asked for it!"
  • Starting a fight with a Jock: "I beat up an entire football team; You aren't as strong as you think you are."
  • Starting a fight with a Prep: "Let's see how much of a champ you are."
  • Starting a fight with a Gangbanger: "All Pimp and no Pop! That is what I think of you."
  • Starting a fight with a Bully: "You think you're tough, huh?"
  • Starting a fight with a Greaser: "Take a bath, Greasy."
  • Starting a fight with a Townie: "Let's see just how tough you think you are."

Winning a fight 

  • Winning a fight with a Redneck: "You thought you was made of steel but you ain't made of nothin'"
  • Winning a fight with a Cop Daughter: "Being a black belt doesn't always win your fights. Go ahead, tell your sensei that I said he sucks at teaching an immature little brat like you."
  • Winning a fight with a Nerd: "Don't come back unless you want more."
  • Winning a fight against a Jock: "Your strength was your weakness; Never go for the face unless you want to get hit in the stomach."
  • Winning a fight with a Prep: "Your reaction time sucked. Try again later."
  • Winning a fight with a Gangbanger: "You went from OG to PG."
  • Winning a fight with a Bully: "You already were pathetic; Now you're even more pathetic than you already were."
  • Winning a fight with a Greaser: "Your kicks didn't affect me much because of your form."
  • Winning a fight with a Townie: "Only three hits? That's just sad."

When Fighting

  • "That was nothing, Try that again!"
  • "C'mon make me cry" 
  • "COME ON THEN!!" 
  • "Show me what you have" 
  • "What was that? A Ping Pong ball?!"
  • "I beat up an entire football team!! You can't beat me!"

Hit in the Nuts

  • "My babies! God damnit"

Winning a fight

  • "I told you, You can't beat me!"
  • "Don't try anything on me now!"
  • "Not so easy now, Huh?"

Other Quotes

Watching a fight

  • "Punish him; Punish him real good!
  • "I wanna see some blood!"
  • "It's good to watch a fight and not be in one for once!"
  • "I think I'm gonna join in *Joins in*"
  • "Curb Stomp! Curb Stomp!"

Watching cliques fight

  • Cheering on a Cop daughter: "Put im' in a headlock and then a submission."
  • Cheering on a Nerd: "You're better off doing a cheap shot."
  • Cheering on a Gangbanger: "Go ----, Go!"
  • Cheering on a Jock: "Rip him apart, you gorilla!"
  • Cheering on a Bully: "Beat that wimp up!"
  • Cheering on a Townie: "Hit harder."
  • Cheering on a Prep: "Isn't your Aquaberry sweater getting dirty? It seems like it!"
  • Cheering on a Greaser: "More punches, less kicks."
  • Cheering on a Redneck: "Let's see wut he's made of!"

Watching clique leaders fight

  • Cheering on Victoria Peterson: "Submission! Do a Submission!"
  • Cheering on Earnest Jones: "Just kick him in the balls, you're better off doing that."
  • Cheering on Jalen Clinton: "Go for the abdomen, not the face!"
  • Cheering on Ted Thompson: "Try to win this one without your 'roids"
  • Cheering on Russell Northrop: "Put him in a Power Bomb!"
  • Cheering on Edgar Munsen: "If you lose this, you're a bitch then!"
  • Cheering on Johnny Vincent: "Do a Haymaker and then an Axe Kick!"
  • Cheering on Derby Harrington: "You suck!"
  • Cheering on Cletus Dalton: "Break his face into a million pieces!"

Other characters on Greg

  • Trent Northwick: "I heard Greg and that Cameron girl making some weird noises in Greg's room. I probably can guess what it was that they were doing in there!"
  • Mrs. Danvers: "Students are reminded that Boys aren't allowed in the Girls dorm, That means you Greg!" 
  • Jordan Balesterri: "That Greg guy seems really cute; I wanna ask him out, But I don't want to get on Cameron's bad side. Because I've seen it."
  • Victoria Peterson: "I think I'm gonna try to get that Greg in trouble with Daddy today, He's the only boy I haven't gotten in trouble yet, and I love to get people in trouble."
  • Kyla Vance: "Greg is like totally a creep! I should spread more rumors about him!"
  • Jalen Clinton: "Greg is my Homie, He seems a little crazy though."
  • Audrey San Lorenzo: "I really kind of like Greg, Too bad Cameron asked him out before I could even lay my eyes on him."

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