"It's funny, watching the puddles form, and the leaves fall in autumn. It were as if we were just at the discretion of mother nature, as opposed to vice versa." -Gregory Todd

Character Description

Greg stands at 5'7" tall, and is rather thin weighing slightly north of 135 pounds. He has long, blond, reckless hair that has not been attended to for some time. His description is usually unwoven and can be described as 'careless' he very rarely showers, wears worn clothing and is quite proud of his counterculturist-esque appearance. He is very handsome and, unbeknownst to him, has become a major heartthrob at Bullworth Academy, his rebellious nature has attracted many girls.


Gregory Todd is opposed to popularity, where many flourish in it he rebels against it. His signature trait is his angst, and rebellious nature. He is a counterculturist through and through, he gives little regard for modern pop culture and music and prefers older genres. Specifically Grunge, and original Punk Rock. He is also very sardonic and always adds a touch of humor to everything, albeit controversial humor.

Despite the fact that he always holds a sincere level of optimism he suffers from manic depression and is subdued into many episodes of outright depression. Which forces his recklessness to be on full show. He hates popularity, and since arriving at Bullworth he has become adorned by many of the students, which he is outright opposed to on all levels. He prefers to be seen on equal terms, then revered too as a God. He has a very quiet confidence though, although he is much more humble then that of the average adolescent boy of 17.

As far as music is concerned he prefers Nirvana, Alice in Chains, Silverchair, and Punk Rock staples like the Dead Kennedys, Black Flag, Flipper, and The Adolescents.


Gregory Todd grew up in Bullworth and has never escaped the confines of the small town. He does enjoy it to a further extent though he often holds a contemplative ideology of the town that has molded him his entire life. Growing up his parents had divorced when he was eleven and he never really recovered from that burden. He began to rebel against both maternal units in an effort, to hopefully, get them to reunite to control his delinquency. That, however, proved unattainable, as his parents both agreed to shove him into the academy and be done with him.

His mother lives in a studio apartment that resides in Old Bullworth Vale, whilst his father still possesses his childhood home in New Coventry.

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