"We have assembled to bring the fascist Albert Silacci to a downfall. We will persistently prank that favoritist pig until he loses his mind."
— Rogelio Alvarado's outlook on the clique
PLAV guerrilas
The Guerrillas
Leader: Rogelio Alvarado
Second in Command: Marcos Sanchez
Hierarchy Position: Below Preps
Rival(s): Jocks
Main Hangout: Basement Storage Room
Train Tracks

The Guerrillas are a fan-fictional clique that attend Bullworth Academy, they are used by Westside JDM.  

Clique Summary

They are a clique that has started a movement against Mr. Silacci during Life as a slave to a teacher. They pull pranks on him all the time, such as writing things that mock him on his board with graffiti, penking him, and various other things.  

They have a rivalry with the Jocks, because they are the most affiliated with Mr. Silacci. they encourage those that are of the unpopular crowd to join them, and spread the word among the unpopular students that they are the salvation for those failing Mr. Silacci's class. They not only prank Mr. Silacci, they also are the freedom fighters for the weak, and the lonely.                     

They also are said to be the army for the unpopular, typically coming to their defense when they are under attack by the more popular students. They do not stand for bullying, and they stand up for the nerds when they are being bullied.                     

Just by how their clique name implies, they are left-wing communist radicals seeking to get rid of someone who has power over them, they are regarded by Dr. Crabblesnitch as "Those wannabe communist rebel militants." He does not know of their pranks on Mr. Silacci. They are also regarded as "Those weirdo army guys" by many of the students at the academy.                     

If all hell breaks loose, and there is another riot; they will join the fight, and fight for the freedom of the unpopular.                     


They are below the preps, but they have no intentions to rule the school, despite having potential to be able to rule the school.


Rogelio Alvarado
Rogelio Alvarado
Rogelio is the leader of the clique. He is a kind hearted person, who doesn't tolerate bullying, or those that like Mr. Silacci's class. He is one of the most feared fighters in Bullworth, and he's not afraid to bring pain to those that bully kids weaker than themselves.
Marcos Sanchez
Martin Sanchez
Marcos is the second in command of the clique. He's loud and he lives to fight anybody who pisses him or anyone in his clique off. He is a brutal fighter, and he will re-arrange anyone's face if they dare try to brawl with him.
Jorge Guzman
Jorge Guzman
Jorge is the artsiest student in the clique. He commonly writes things that mock Mr. Silacci on his whiteboard in graffiti when he's not in the classroom. He's also called Mr. Silacci a "Fascist bitch" to his face.
Mario McCurio
Mario McCurio
If you want Mr. Silacci's pen to blow up in his face during class, come to Mario. He's penked Mr. Silacci more times than he can count on his hand over the years, and he's never found out. He also steals batteries from Mr. Silacci's projector remote, and replaces them with fake batteries. He'll penk Mr. Silacci, if you either pay him, or do a favor for him, or join the clique
Andrei Mishnev
Andrei Mishnev
Andrei is the guy who breaks things in Mr. Silacci's class when he's not in the class, He's rick rolled the class millions of times, overloaded Mr. Silacci's projector, prank called Mr. Silacci, and dries the bearings in his chair so it will collapse when he sits on it, He has also never been knocked out in a fight.
Sean O'Riley
Sean O'Riley
Sean dresses like he's popular, but he still pranks Mr. Silacci, first off, he intentionally calls him Mr. Salami, and also throws the actual popular students' papers in Mr. Silacci's document shredder and says he lost them. A thing to note is that Mr. Silacci bribes Sean to give the popular students high grades, and the unpopular students low grades.


Jeff Coleman
Taban is one of the more brash members of the clique, He's the second newest addition to the clique, and he wants to make a name for himself around the academy. He is an extremely violent individual


Hank Nazarbyan
Hank is another one of the badasses in the clique, he may be a small guy, he punches hard. People around the academy often think he's a real soldier.


Enzo Allard
Enzo is a total genius, He is a great tactician; and he always knows what kind of plans will work best, and whenever raids are being planned on rival cliques, Enzo is typically called on to plan raids on hideouts


Mark Phillips- Updated
Being one of the more loud and stronger members of the guerrillas, He is extremely physically tough; and he is physically capable of injuring somebody. He also can get angry extremely quickly.
Dhruv Pradesh
Dhruv Pradesh
Dhruv is a very quiet person. He fights the prefects when he catches them bullying an innocent student. Sometimes he may pull a knife. He also claims his dad was a guerrilla in the People's Liberation Army of India.
Bao Nguyen Bao is a true communist, as he was raised in communist Vietnam. He is usually a quiet person, but when he gets insulted, he becomes a very violent individual, and sometimes may even pull a blade when he's badly losing a fight.
Oliver Johnson Oliver is officially the strongest member of the clique. He is extremely loud, and extremely violent. When he is about to attack, some guerrillas have to try to hold him back before he causes damage.
Yumi Hajimoto
Yumi Hajimoto
Yumi is one of the females of the group. She spreads propoganda about Mr. Silacci, in order to get people to join the guerrillas in their quest to drive Mr. Silacci crazy. She preaches communist dogma to those considering joining the movement against Mr. Silacci.
Samantha Silacci
Samantha Murphy
Samantha has made her way into the clique most recently, through Mario. She was hazed into pranking her own dad, so she could prove her worth as a guerrilla. She didn't want to do it, but it had to be done, and she successfully made it into the clique.
Kiara Patel
Kiara Patel
Growing up in a legitimately communist household, she knows how to turn people into communists. despite being threatened with expulsion by Dr. Crabblesnitch, for teaching communism to the younger kids; she still teaches communism to the younger kids.

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