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Gurney is a member of the Townies in Bully.

Gurney ph
Clique Townies
Gender Male
Rival Bullworth Academy Alumni
Ted Thompson
Kissable No
Missions Busting In, Part II
Preppies Vandalized
The Gym Is Burning
Voice Actor Dave Isaacs

Character Summary

Gurney Taunt Peanut Taunting

Gurney taunting Peanut Romano.

Gurney is a member of the Townies. He is the tallest of the townies, coming in second to Russell in terms of height. His auburn hair is in a buzzcut and he has a goatee.

Gurney wears a brown jacket over an orange T-shirt, along with blue jeans. In the winter, he adds fingerless gloves to his usual outfit.

He speaks with a slight southern accent and is very focused on girls. However, in contrast to other "girl crazy" characters, he is apparently successful with girls. He is also an aspiring musician. Gurney once attended Bullworth but was expelled.

Gurney is the townie responsible for setting the gym on fire in Chapter 5.

Some fans speculate that because his name is the same as the surname of Tom Gurney, a bully, they may be related. However, this is unlikely.


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