During mission and others

  • Burn baby burn! Ahahaha! I told you you'd all be sorry for expelling me.
  • Outta my way schoolboy!
  • Bullworth is run by psychopaths! You know that!
  • I hate that school! Hate it hate it hate it!
  • Hahaha! I lit a little fire under your butt didn't I.
  • Admit it! You wish you'd done it yourself.
  • Get lost brat.
  • "Hey guy, help me out here!"
  • I regret NOTHING!

Suggesting to provide protection

  • You can hang with me and learn.
  • Stay with me and behave.

ALLY About to Leave

  • Later for you.
  • I'm taking off.

ALLY Help Me

  • I need some help here!
  • Help me, quick!

Getting knocked off bike

  • Ouch! My clothes!
  • Oh man!

Comment on successful bike trick

  • I can do that!
  • That's alright.

Comment on failed attempt at trick

  • Ha ha ha!
  • Don't kill yourself there!

Stealing a bike

  • You don't need that!
  • Yo' bike is my bike.

Has bike stolen from

  • What do you think you're doing?!
  • You're gonna be sorry!

Winning a fight #1

  • Wooo, I'm king of the world!
  • Yeeehaw!

When into him bump friend

  • You okay?
  • Hey, careful.
  • Did I hurt ya?

When into him bump others students and enemies

  • Wanna be killed?!
  • Watch it, bozo!
  • Get away from me!
  • You blind?!
  • Get away!
  • Fool!
  • Agh, hangover!
  • Wah.

When into him bump Greaser (or Jim in their clothes)

  • Get your paw off me!

When into him bump Jock

  • Heh. Go tackle a tree!

When into him bump Nerd

  • Don't hurt yourself, boy!

When into him bump Prep

  • Ouch.

Getting hit with bike/car

  • Wanna play?
  • You just wait.
  • You want pain?

Saying Goodbye

  • Uhh, I gotta go.
  • I just remembered I have a date.
  • I have this...thing I gotta go do.

Saying about rides

  • That was cool!
  • Gotta bring the ladies here!

Calling friends for help

  • Yo-guys! Over here!
  • Hey! Come check this out!

When chasing someone

  • You're never gonna get away!
  • You can run but I can run too!

When someone hide from him

  • You wimp!
  • You spineless little...

Out of breath

  • ...I'm gonna have...a heart attack...

Walking around talking to himself

  • So hard deciding which girl to call back.
  • I feel sorry for the females. I'm just a bad boy.
  • I wonder how many messages I have on my voicemail.
  • Maybe I should grow a beard. Chicks love that.
  • I need to pick up a new diversify.
  • Girls are all the same. They want me but don't know.


  • World is going down man. I can't stand it.
  • I'm so mad. I could break my own job.

When confused

  • Uhhh, what?
  • Wait... my head hurts!


  • Not bad!
  • Congrats!

During a conversation

  • basically.
  • Sooo you know.
  • I'm told I have scored with more chicks at Bullworth than anyone ever!
  • Some girl told me there was a website about me!
  • You know what they say about nerd chicks? Beatrice could be hot!
  • Somebody said Bullworth's nurse is totally horny!
  • I hear all the nerds at Bullworth are virgins!
  • Do you know this aphrodisiac hair gel called babe?
  • I've seen parts of Mandy no one has photographed.
  • I heard the jocks are planning a revenge for the game.
  • Gary? Who'd have thunk it!
  • I heard that too!
  • I know that for a fact!
  • No way! That's bogus!
  • Don't believe everything you hear!
  • Girls will realize I'm a minimum wage earner with a beer gut who cheat on em.
  • I wanna focus on my music. All these emotions are bottled up inside!
  • I'm scared to lose my hair before I'm 30.
  • I screwed up with this girl who was for real in love with me.
  • I hear ya!
  • Tough!
  • So? I got laid last night!
  • Yeah! Life's like a bad movie!
  • Look at my goatee! I lack order, no chaos!
  • Take responsibility for your actions! If you take a girl out go all the way!
  • Today's music is lame! I get no inspirations!
  • Life is not fair! Let's drink!
  • Later man!
  • See ya when I see ya!
  • Never say never!
  • I stopped this chick from getting my name tattooed on her you-know!
  • I'm gonna take a night off this week. And sleep alone.
  • I'll tell the truth to all the girls in my life...when they're ready.
  • I wanna make people happy. I can't say no to girls.
  • Yeah! That's cool!
  • That's alright!
  • Not bad!
  • Have you ever said no to a naked girl... Just a mess with her?
  • Have you ever seen fake breasts?
  • Do you ever wake up in the morning with a song in your head?
  • Have you ever had three dates in one night?
  • No way.
  • Of course not.
  • Well yeah!
  • Yes, yes, yes!

Losing in Dodgeball

  • What's wrong with you?
  • You're total loser!
  • Why were you even born!
  • I'm really disappointed!
  • I don't like being let down!
  • I had hopes - you losers!


  • Ow, nasty.

Unused line in Dodgeball

Smells kinda smokey in here, doesn't it?

Hit by friendly fire

  • I'm on your side doofus!
  • What? I'm your friend!
  • You blind? It's me!

While fighting

  • You like this!? You LIKE this!??
  • Is that all you got sweetheart!?
  • Come on! Hurt me!
  • I know girls who fight tougher than you!

Losing a fight

  • Ooooh, man!
  • I think I broke something…
  • I'm really hurt!
  • I hope my face isn't hurt…
  • I'm in pain!
  • Oooh, I need a nurse!

Starting fight with Greaser

  • I'm gonna smell like garbage after I kick your butt!

Starting fight

  • You're lucky I'm totally hung over!
  • You little piece of...
  • That's it! No more nice!
  • Let's make this quick! I have a date!

Stating fight with Jock

  • What's your jock size? A car?

Starting fight with Nerd

  • Wanna switch to thumb wrestling?

Starting fight with Prep

  • Did you color contact lenses fallout?

Kicked in the groin

  • URGH! Holy fungus, ugh...

Watching a fight

  • Hit him hard!
  • Get him!
  • Hey! He just did your sister!

When someone hit him

  • Whatta?
  • What's going on here?

When the fire alarm goes off

  • Wow! That wasn't me!

When flustered

  • Hey. Wait a minute.
  • What's...going on?
  • C'mon man.

Talking about freaks

  • Wow! I feel so normal!

Receiving a gift

  • My man!
  • Alright! I'm in!

Demanding money

  • Gimme what you got!
  • I'm gonna keep punching till you give me all your money!
  • Gimme the money so I don't have to finish you!

Demanding money for protection

  • You don't expect me to do it for nothing, do ya?
  • Sure, if you got something for me.

When getting money from his victim

  • Thank you for your business!
  • Pleasure doing business with you!
  • Until next time!

Giving a gift

  • Here. You're welcome.

While greeting friends

  • What's up?
  • What's shakin?
  • Hey man! Staying cool!

While greeting authority

  • Howdy, Ma'am!
  • Hello there!

Special greetings friends

  • Hey! Nice look!
  • Hey! The hair look smart!
  • This shirt will be pleasant to girls!
  • That's some serious tat!

When flirting

  • Break my heart baby!


  • You rock!
  • I rock!

Requesting an errand

  • I need you to pay attention.
  • Listen.
  • I need you to do something.
  • I won't beat you up for awhile if you help me out.

Being indignant

  • That's low. Even for you.
  • What's that for?
  • Oh you'll pay for it.

While greeting of Jim with fearing

  • Uh hello!

Some insults of enemies

  • You are such a clown!
  • Look at you! *laughing*
  • Who are you!?!


  • Huh!
  • Haha! It's really not that bad! Haha!


  • I wanna see that jerk beg for his life!


  • just belching*

Hit by thrown dead rat

  • Jeez...ohhh...

While greeting someone in bad terms

  • What's your problem.
  • Yeah whatever.
  • Yo' loss.

While greeting someone in good terms

  • What's going on?
  • How you doing?
  • How's life?

When scared

  • Come on. I don't wanna bleed.
  • I think we could talk instead know.
  • I'm always up for a good fight. But we don't have too.

Aiding a fight

  • Oh no!
  • That's not good!

Perceiving a thing as cool

  • Nice!
  • Hey! That's like cool!

Perceiving a thing as crap

  • What's that?
  • Is that supposed to be cool!?

While seen vandalism

  • Don't do that!
  • Hey! Stop!

Saying about fireworks

  • Let's see another one!
  • Cool!

Hit with a stink bomb

  • coughs* Oh no... *coughs*
  • I have like three dates tonight.

Clothes browsing

  • Who wants to come home with me?
  • It's hard. I look good in everything.

When suck up

  • I met this girl who thinks you're like God!
  • If you ever need anything man just let me now!
  • I think we could do this cool I just don't said off!

While seen tagging

  • Hey paint boy! What are ya doing?

Conversing with Prefect

  • I don't want to get anyone in trouble but I saw what I saw.
  • I'm being a good citizen. You should know when someone does something bad.

Taunting #1

  • Do you wanna play!?
  • You scared, little boy!?
  • Come on! Let's play!
  • Don't be scared!
  • I'm not gonna hurt ya!
  • I'm definitely gonna hurt you!
  • Don't wanna look really nice!?
  • I'm gonna kick your butt!
  • You want to eat my shoe?
  • You're gonna wish you never said anything!
  • I'm gonna make sure you can't talk for awhile!

Ignoring a fight

  • Calm down.
  • I was just messing around.
  • Cool it okay?

Taunting #2

  • (shoving) Haha! Take this!
  • (shoving) You like this? You like it?
  • (shoving) You want more?
  • (shoving) How's that?
  • Stop looking for your brains!
  • (taunting the new kid) Hey! New kid! Special ed?
  • (taunting the clothes) You look so cute boy!
  • (taunting the hair) Did you just stick your head up your butt?
  • (taunting the pants) Wearing those pants since you're five?
  • (taunting the shirt) Your shirt is ugly and it smells!
  • (taunting the tattoo) Nice stuff! Too bad you're wear in 'em!

When crying

  • It''s not supposed to be like this...

Other taunts, insults and fears

  • Sorry! But I have girlfriends!
  • Yeah, yeah, yeah!
  • Whatever you say sweetie!
  • Bla-bla-bla!
  • Keep talking girlfriend!
  • Right back atcha!
  • I'd run my mouth too if I was a wimp!
  • You're dead!
  • You wanna die!?
  • You so foul crap!

Getting bullied

  • Stop it! Just stop it!
  • Come on, don't do this!
  • Cut it out! Don't be a jerk!

Saying this way

  • Hey! This way kid!
  • Come check this out!

When thanks of Jim

  • Oh thanks man!

After getting swirlie

  • Oh...I'm a loser!
  • Who am I?!
  • I'm done...*sob*

Getting swirlie

  • Don't do it! I'll do anything!
  • Stop it! You'll regret it!
  • How much do you want?!

Winning in Dodgeball

  • I'm gonna kick your butt and look good doing it!
  • Don't feel bad! You were born a loser!
  • I'm gonna finish you!

Insulting in bicycle race

  • My boys are gonna eat you up!
  • You boys better stop praying!
  • We rule! You lose!

Laughing at a headdress

  • That a dead animal on your head?

When thanks of someone

  • Hey! Thanks!

Winning a fight #2

  • I am the man!
  • I am so good, it's SICK!
  • I love myself!

After being humiliation

  • Jerk!
  • You'll finish!

When winning Dodgeball with his team

  • We rock!
  • Who's the king? We are!
  • We rule the world!

When physically bullying of someone

  • This is fun!
  • Here you go!
  • Is that good for you too?
  • Oh yeah!

Saying wrong way

  • What do you doing? Not that way!
  • Where are you going? Don't mess up!

When whining

  • Oh, no way.


  • Whatta?

WTF with TV

  • Hey-ey!