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Gym is one of the classes available at Bullworth Academy in Bully.

Class Summary

Gym class--article image

Jimmy wrestling Fatty.

Gym is taught by Mr. Burton, and is divided into two units; wrestling, and dodgeball.

Wrestling consists of the player following button input instructions in order to learn new fighting moves. After completing it twice successfully, the move is unlocked. After all the input instructions are given and the player has completed each move successfully, Jimmy Hopkins and Fatty Johnson actually fight, or 'wrestle'. It is impossible to fail a wrestling class.


The class itself, when wrestling is the unit, is just Fatty Johnson and Jimmy Hopkins "wrestling". Really, they are fighting, and Fatty does not fight back.

Various students can be seen watching the matches, as well as the cheerleaders. The students seen are Kirby Olsen and Gord Vendome standing together, Casey Harris alone, and Ivan Alexander, Trevor Moore, and Constantinos Brakus together. The cheerleaders cheer during the matches, too. Christy Martin and Angie Ng both appear twice, once together, and then again with Pinky Gauthier.

Dodgeball consists of the player simply pressing different buttons to perform three moves; throwing, dodging, and passing. The class itself is simply a game of dodgeball. Jimmy's team includes Algernon Papadopoulos, Bucky Pasteur, and Thad Carlson.

After all Gym classes are completed, the player cannot return to the class, but can instead start Dodgeball games for money.


Class Unit Opponent Reward
Gym 1 Wrestling Fatty Johnson Headbutt & 3-Hit Combo
Gym 2 Dodgeball Preppies Improved Weapon Accuracy
Gym 3 Wrestling Fatty Johnson Knee Drop & Wrestling Headgear room trophy
Gym 4 Dodgeball Greasers Improved Weapon Accuracy
Gym 5 Dodgeball Jocks Improved Weapon Accuracy & Dodgeball room trophy

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