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The Gymnasium is the gym at Bullworth Academy in Bully.

Wrestling gym set up

A wrestling class in the Gym.

Location Summary

The Gym is located at the back of the school, past the fountain. To the west is the Auto Repair Shop, and to the east is Harrington House. It is the hangout area of the Jocks.

The Gym is separated into two buildings that are connected by a central underground staircase. The building to the west is the sports hall, and contains an indoor basketball court and bleachers. It is also used for wrestling and dodgeball.

Bully dodgeball

Jimmy Hopkins playing dodgeball in the Gym.

The east building contains the pool, as well as pool stands. The pool itself remains mostly empty throughout the entire year, with only the deep end being filled to ankle depth.

Between the two buildings, underground, are locker rooms for female and male students. They contain small gym-sized lockers, sinks, mirrors, bathroom stalls, and showers.

The outdoor area of the Gym contains an outdoor basketball court, a soda machine, and benches along the walls. Further south is the football field.

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