"I'm gonna start up a club, like a fight club? Only instead of fighting, we'll eat cheeseburgers."
— Hal Esposito

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Hal Esposito is a member of the Greasers clique in Bully.

Hal Esposito
Clique Greasers
Gender Male
Rival Preppies
Kissable No
Missions The Rumble
Complete Mayhem
Voice Actor Leonard Spinelli

Character Summary


Hal at the cafe.

Hal is overweight, with brown slicked-back hair, dark blue eyes, and has a cigarette behind his right ear like Ricky. He wears a brown leather jacket, which is a few sizes too small for him, over his Bullworth vest, school slacks, and brown leather boots. In the winter, he simply adds a pair of brown gloves. He wears a dark blue shirt with brown shorts and Timberland boots during gym class.

Hal isn't concerned about his weight and uses it to his advantage during fights, threatening to sit on his opponents.

Hal is physically attracted to women his own size; he has a crush on Edna the lunch lady, but also thinks Eunice is attractive. He enjoys eating, especially cheeseburgers, but he also speculates on how baby humans would taste. Various lines of his dialogue suggest he is insecure about his weight, and even admits that he eats to "mask emotional pain". He claims to weigh 300 pounds, but this may be an exaggeration, and also claims to eat six meals every day.

Hal shares a surname with Joe Esposito, a close associate of Elvis Presley.


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