During missions and others

  • Stay away from my girls, rich boy!
  • He's got a friend shooting. Get him!
  • There they are, on those bikes!
  • You!
  • Hey Ricky, could you get me... hey! Hopkins?!?
  • That's right greasebag. You know smoking's bad for your health.
  • I'm gonna smoke your butt with my boot.
  • Boys! It's Jimmy! Back me up.
  • Get that scum.
  • You sure you don't want us to help you with them, Johnny?
  • He who?
  • Get him!
  • Who left the magnet on?
  • Haha! Watch out for falling trees.
  • What, war footage and natural disasters doesn't do it for you?
  • What do you want Hopkins?
  • Huh...I'd like me a piece of that action.
  • One day I'll get enough money to take her on a date.
  • I wish my girlfriend looked like that.
  • What'd you do that for?
  • Sure. I could use a workout.
  • Why not!?

ALLY About to Leave

  • All this is make me hungry. I'm gonna grab something to eat.
  • You don't need me anymore. I'm takin' off.

ALLY Help Me

  • I could use some help here!
  • If you're not busy gimme a hand!

Getting knocked off bike

  • Ahow, that sucked!
  • Aahoww, I need to get a bigger bike.

Comment on successful bike trick

  • My sister can do that trick.
  • I suppose you think that's cool.

Comment on failed attempt at trick

  • Hah. That's the best thing I've seen all day.
  • You really do suck!

Stealing a bike

  • Gimme the bike you skinny little runt!
  • Maybe if you were bigger you can stop me.

Has bike stolen from

  • That was my bike you skinny little maggot!
  • Come on! That was mine!

Winning a fight

  • This. Is. Awesome.
  • It doesn't get any better than this.

When into him bump when friendly

  • Whoa...sorry.
  • Excuse me.
  • My bad.

When into him bump when hostile

  • Watch where you're going you skinny little maggot!
  • skinny and it's so in my way.
  • Beat it, twig!
  • I'm walkin' here, twerp!
  • Make way for a real man!
  • Look where yer' goin' skinny.
  • Maybe if you ate a proper meal, you'd have the strength to get out of my way.

When into him bump other clique

  • Beat it, deadbeat. (Townie)
  • You really are a loser. (Townie)
  • Ugh...stupid jock! (Jock)
  • Outta my way, nerd. (Nerd)
  • Keep walkin', rich boy. (Prep)
  • Watch where you're goin' with that frickin' thing!

Getting hit with bike/car

  • Come back and try to knock me over without that!
  • Good thing I have all this extra padding!

Saying Goodbye

  • It's feeding time. I gotta go.
  • I gotta go shake some kids down. I'll see you around.

Saying about carnival

  • They should make those seats for normal sized people rather than all these skinny little runts.
  • Was that supposed to be cool or something?

Calling friends for help

  • I think we got a live one here!
  • You guys wanna piece of this?


  • I can't go much further, stop already so I can hit you.
  • This is how man I am, I'm actually running after you?

When someone hides from him

  • Come out come out wherever you are.
  • Come back Jimmy. I just wanna talk, I promise... and kick your butt!

Out of breath

  • *Panting* I got to stop picking on the ones that can run *Panting*

Wandering around

  • If veal is more delicious because it's made from a baby cow then baby human's gotta be the most delicious thing of all.
  • Man, I'm hungry.
  • I could use some cash, I need to hit up an ATM. And by that I mean an eighth grader.
  • When will people learn? Desert is part of a meal
  • Hmm.. Baby Human.


  • I was just thinking,
  • You know what?
  • I heard she throws up after every meal. Would you do that?
  • Did you hear the jocks got busted playing naked twister last night?
  • I think it may be time to take the preppies down again.
  • She'd be hotter with some meat on her bones.
  • I don't get preppies. They have all that cash, but they don't spend it on food.
  • I kinda like what
  • I heard that crazy hobo's back on campus. Maybe if he spent his money on food instead of booze he wouldn't be so homeless.
  • I know the lunch lady's old, but if she was younger I'd take a run at her. She's got the hottest body I've ever seen!
  • Lola's such a hoe, but that's what Johnny gets for dating such an emaciated little twig.
  • The only thing wrong with Mr Hattrick selling test answers is that the prick charges too much.
  • I heard Jimmy was behind the whole thing.
  • I heard they had Johnny locked up in the asylum. That would suck so hard.
  • Huh?
  • Ha, yeah!
  • Whatever bro.
  • That's sweet right?
  • No way in hell that's true.
  • I only eat when I'm hungry, and I wanna hide from emotional pain.
  • My mom's therapist says my overeating is a form of self-medication, whatever that means.
  • Look at me! I have man boobs!
  • Sometimes at night I look in the mirror, pinch my gut, and I cry myself to sleep.
  • The real problem's that you're too skinny.
  • Waaah, you big crybaby.
  • I care about this why?
  • I don't even know you! Why're you telling me this?
  • What's with all the little skinny twerps in this place all of a sudden?
  • This place is sucking way harder than it used to.
  • I know this is a prep school but this place is being overrun with preppies.
  • What has this world come to when no one respects the greasers?
  • I eat six meals a day!
  • I'm gonna start up a club, like a fight club, only instead of fighting we'll eat cheeseburgers.
  • You know what? I don't care if she's old. I'm gonna take a run at that hot lunch lady.
  • I eat carbs with every meal.
  • Okay, I guess.
  • Alright.
  • Uh-huh.
  • You ever see Edna the lunch lady bent over? It's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.
  • Have you scored yet?
  • Have you tried to fix up a bike yet?
  • You ever been inside the preppy frat?
  • Yeah!
  • No.
  • Yeah, like I'd do that.
  • I guess so, sure

Losing Dodgeball

  • I stink at this! Figures.
  • I can't believe I lost!
  • I knew I should've been on another team!
  • Am I the only one trying to win?
  • You guys suck!


  • That makes me wanna puke!

Hit by friendly fire

  • What's the deal?
  • Do you want me to leave, slim?


  • After I'm done hitting you, I'm gonna sit on you!
  • Show me what you go, stickboy!
  • Tell me you can hit harder than that!
  • Come and get it!

When knocked out

  • Ugh... That hurt real bad.
  • Ugh... I don't feel so good.
  • I think you broke my ovaries.
  • That's gonna bruise!
  • In two-three days, when I heal up you're a dead man.
  • So? Maybe you can fight.

Starting fight with other cliques

  • What you got, richboy? (Prep)
  • Give up already, loser. (Townie)
  • Is that all you got tough guy? (Jock)

Starting fight

  • Let's go, skinny.
  • You want a piece of this, small stuff?
  • I'm gonna break you like a twig.
  • You're dead meat.

Kicked in the nuts

  • Augh... Cheap... Shot.... Ughh...

When spat on

  • You little maggot!

Watching a fight

  • Fight, fight, fight!
  • Kick his butt!
  • Hit him in the face!

Hit by some sneak attacks or projectiles

  • Who did that?
  • Somebody's a dead man.

When the alarm goes off

  • Great, I could use a smoke.


  • You don't wanna do this.
  • Stop this before it gets out of hand.
  • Relax, I didn't mean it.

Food fight

  • Oh yeah? Well take this!

Watching a freak show

  • Freak show? I thought this was supposed to be a donkey show. What a chip!

Receiving a gift

  • Ahh, perfect.
  • This is just what I need.

Demanding money

  • I'm hungry. Give me some money.
  • What are you doing walking around with cash when I need some?
  • Do you think this fantastic body just happened? No! I had to eat... A lot. So give me a lot of money.

Demanding money for protection

  • I could help you out, but what's in it for me?
  • Nothing's free. You want help, then pay me! Otherwise, beat it.

After getting money

  • This is a little less than I need, but I'll make do.
  • Tomorrow I'm eating steak so make sure you have a little more cash.
  • You see, I knew you were one of the smart ones.

Giving a gift

  • It's all yours.
  • Here you go, slim.


  • What's the word?
  • How goes it?
  • How's it hangin'?
  • Hi.
  • Hey.

Complementing clothes

  • Lookin' good man!
  • Your hair is looking good!
  • Well hello there, sugar.
  • Those shoes are sweet!
  • That's a cool tattoo bro.


  • You're a handsome stallion, aren't you?
  • Lookin' good.

Requesting an errand

  • Pay attention, slim
  • I gotta situation.
  • I really could use your help on this, slim.
  • I need a favour, buddy

Being indignant

  • Come on!
  • I've got time if you wanna go!
  • How dare you!
  • Are you looking for a fight, slim?
  • I own you!
  • Is that all you got?
  • There's no way you're actually this bad!
  • That guy is going down!

Hit by dead rat

  • You did NOT just throw a rat at me!