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Halloween is a storyline mission in Chapter 1 of Bully.

Location: Boys' Dorm
Faction: None
Reward: Halloween Costume
Unlocks: The Big Prank

Mission Summary

Halloween BFFs also Tad

Jimmy, Pete, and Gary, with Tad in the background.

After meeting up with Gary in his dorm, Jimmy puts on his skeleton costume, and the two meet up with Pete who has just been shoved into a trashcan by a couple bullies. He wears a pink bunny costume, also supplied by Gary. The trio then sets out for a night of pranking.

The Prefects are out at a party, and the teachers are in charge of entertaining the students, but are actually in the teacher's lounge.

Additionally, there are tombstones and pumpkins around the campus that can be smashed.


  • Pedro asks Jimmy to tag someone with a "kick me" sign.
  • Casey asks Jimmy to egg three students.
  • Fatty asks Jimmy to hit three students with stink bombs.
  • Lucky asks Jimmy to trip a student with marbles.
  • Donald asks Jimmy to set off a Volcano 4000 firework near a group of students.
  • Parker asks Jimmy to hit three students with itching powder.
Halloween 02

Jimmy, with Pete, Troy, and Donald in the background.


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